Kya Hain Yeh Ek Nayi League?

Heard of or seen these promos of Ek Nayi League by non other than the legendary cricketer Mr. Kapil Dev? If not, here it goes. Visit this site and you can see the promotions from him but its completely no leaks about it whatsoever across the world of internet or offline world except that Mr. Kapil says he will reveal it via his twitter account.

I too put lot of thoughts and trying to decode what exactly it could be which seems to be pretty interesting concept and here are some of my ideas and thoughts about this interesting event or show or league.

Here is one interesting clue which Kapil dev gives in this video below.

What I guess is its some kind of exclusive reality show to all the cricketers, sportsmen, sportswomen out there to participate during their free time and entertain and make some money and give the winning money to some charity or NGO or some organization which helps the needful people. This way, sportsmen and sportswomen out there participate and contribute for good cause to the world meanwhile entertaining the One billion plus Indians and billions of fans across the world. Sounds interesting? I may be completely wrong here, but still trying to guess.

In this below video Kapil dev gives another clue which I am trying to decode.

Mr. Kapil dev tries to bring in Sania Mirza’s and generally the achievements of Women sports persons in India and how they are shining in world, which gives a clue that the league would encourage and give a platform for the budding women sport stars from India to achieve great heights in the sports world. Again, this is simply a try from my end.

Here in the below video Mr. Kapil dev talks about how the sports persons across the world makes hell lot of money, and why not our Indian sports persons couldn’t make much and also talks about how Yuvraj Singh could fetch very good money for himself via Indian Premier League (IPL), and this clue gives me a thought that this Ek Nayi League is definitely something while helps the current and retired players and gives them opportunity to earn some money too.

Lastly the below video gives more interesting thought.

Here Kapil dev talks about bringing in different star sports people to his show , which gives me a thought that its some kind of a TV show which might feature lot of our favourite sports personalities to one place and play a fantasy game with them. Kinda weird guess, but hey! Nothing to lose to try our guess.

If you have any guesses, please do leave in the comments section or on the site itself by filling in a simple form, you may win get a chance to win Rupees 1 Lakh too. Try your luck and win.


Staying Together Helps

Today I am going to share a small story of mine in my life about how being together with my close ones I love, respect and adore gave me the strength and motivation which I was badly needed to move on in my life on that particular day.

This happened on my exam results day some fifteen years back when I had flunked in three examination papers of mine due to my health issues when I couldn’t study for my exams and somehow I had attended the exams to see if I can still write the exam and wrote whatever I could recollect on that day. But, on the results day, as expected I was failed in those papers and I was so upset on that day and I even had suicidal intents.  It was my close friends in my college who were there with me for whole day, motivated me, helped me come out of situation by telling positive stories, not to worry too much about the subjects and calmed me and cheered me up to take the exams in next fall so that I can move ahead in life. There did not leave me alone even for one minute and were there with me will they safely took me to house in the evening and handed over to my family. They really gave me strength and motivation to move on with my day. As days passed on, I came back to normal track, and I re-applied for the exams. I joined some part time work till my next exam days and also studied hard this time. On the supplement exams day, I was totally charged and wrote my exams with full confidence. I got very good results in those flunked papers and I cleared all my papers. Later I got the certificate some days after and I was really happy then. If at all my friends were not there with me on that day to help me, motivate me and take me to right direction, the situation would have been worse that day.

So, friends, never let any situation control your mind and take drastic decisions in your life, #staytogether with your friends, family and closed ones when you come across suicidal thoughts and I am sure they will help you come out of any tough situation and help you getting ahead of any bad situation in your life. Always keep trust and optimism in yourself. There is nothing bigger than life and losing it doesn’t help you or your family in any way rather it would cause more upset to your family members.

I hope this short story would also help someone who is online and wants some motivation and optimism too who is going through tough times in his/her life.

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How I Started A New Life

This is a small write up on a situation when I was indecisive about my next step in my life around nine years back when I was in dilemma to get married or not and how I changed my mind and started a New life. For whatever reason and after seeing so many unsuccessful and unhappy marriages of my friends and colleagues, I had made up my mind that I would ever not marry any girl in my life and live my life as a bachelor. I had seen and heard enough stories from colleagues, relatives etc., on how much dissatisfied with their married life and how much troubles they had to face and do the compromises in their life to lead a married life. Honestly, it was kind of scary feeling about getting married. I was 26 years then and I had good job in hand, no fear about work or leading life, but somehow all those live issues seen via my friends lives, made me paranoid about marriage. I almost waited and wasted more than two years deciding whether to get married or not. Well, the situation in home and my mother’s old age forced me to change my perception about marriage and I finally agreed to get married at the age of 28 due to unavoidable challenges in my family. I did lot of search in different cities and after rejecting many and getting rejected by many, finally could agree to get married to a lovely girl from Mysore. Its kind of love at first sight for both us. We both agreed instantly within a day and told our decisions to marry each other to our families, things moved so fast that within four months of seeing her for the first time, we got married to each other. All processes moved so smoothly that there were no hiccups at all. Both families are so happy too about our marriage. And as expected and as I was being paranoid about marriage itself, nothing horrific happened in our married lives and we did lead a happy married life and there were no major issues in our family apart from petty fights once in a year or so. We were blessed with a lovely baby boy just after 2 years of marriage that completed the full circle of my family. Its my 10th year of marriage this year and still I am happy about my married life and never felt bad about it. Never felt ‘why did I get marry after all’. Thanks to my wife who is such a lovely and understanding lady who came in to my life. So, I don’t think there will be always a mishap in every family out there. My life itself changed my thinking perspective about marriage and I would suggest anybody who approaches me seeking advice to take a chance and get married and Start a new Life. I did come out from my pessimistic thoughts about marriage and optimistically started a new life and I am more than happy with it. So, Guys, don’t wait, go ahead and give a try to your next step of life if you have reached your marriage age and get married. Don’t be paranoid.

By the way, with my wife’s ideas about savings and the way she controlled the unnecessary expenses in our married life, we could save some money and planning to buy a house for us or planning to buy a residential land and construct house on that. I hope the real estate classified sites like housing etc., would helps us getting our dream home without brokerage to agents etc., This below video from housing show how optimism and looking up helps reaching the peak in the field.

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My Look Up Story

In everyone’s life there are some moments which will fill you with some optimism to achieve something in one’s life. I would like to share one such moment which boosted up my optimism and could achieve something which I was thinking is not possible for me. There was a cyclothon organized by some company couple of years back when I was in dual minds weather to participate in there or not because I was never a cyclist nor an athlete, but somewhere in my mind, I had this little wish to participate in one of such events and I was bit hesitant too when I imagined the tough part which is actual work to do.  There was still couple of weeks for the registration of that event, I read a news about a marathon where a person with aesthetic leg completed the run successfully and got appreciations from all over, that moment hit me hard and triggered the optimism in me which motivated me to register for the Cyclothon and on the D-Day, with lot of effort and tirelessly riding in that event , taking lot of breaks in between,  I could finally complete that 25 KM cycle ride which gave me that sense of a achievement which is priceless.  In our day to day life, we do come across so many live examples who achieve the impossible tasks with little motivation and their optimistic attitude which take them to further heights in their lives. We should just look around and help improving our lives too.  There are many physically disabled children, adults who don’t depend on others for their livelihoods, don’t bet or cheat and earn their breads themselves which are all truly the motivating examples for people who are lazy in their lives and does nothing by wasting their precious amount of times by participating in illegal activities, anti-social activities etc., If people were not optimistic in their lives, there would not be so many research and inventions would have happened in human life which helps us in day to day life and eases their work, effort put in achieving something etc., There would not be any technological advances in today’s life, there wouldn’t be any hi-tech devices floating around in this world which is helping the mankind. We wouldn’t have reached the Moon or dreamt about going to Mars. All is possible due to some people’s optimistic attitude their lives and work. Finally I wind out this little story of mine with a simple quote.. “Be optimistic, be a winner in life” . You follow that and you can achieve anything in life. As someone said, “Nothing is impossible” . If you have true attitude and optimism, even you can fly one day on your own. I came across this amazing campaign from whose vision statement reads “TO HELP THE WORLD LIVE BETTER”  and they are promoting the exact thoughts on the optimism, innovation and helping people to achieve their goals in life to buy a better home for them using their simplistic , yet effective and innovative search mechanism while looking to buy houses which also helps the buyers save money by avoiding the brokers or any middlemen. Do check out their website and the mobile applications which simplifies the house hunt, also they help in getting amazing loan offers from banks too without any hassles.

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

This post is just to let the world know how a  family member of mine has guided and encouraged me to grow into a better, more self-reliant person. Yes, there will be no other than my Mother who single handedly helped us grow after losing my father at young itself, she shown courage, strength and confidence dealing with the obstacles of life and made us stand where we are today. She gave us education by using the paltry pension which she got from my father’s government office and she bought some land the moment she went back to her native after my father’s death and built couple of small mud houses on them so that it would fetch some rent which in turn helped in paying for school fees etc., We were 4 children and she gave education to all of us by borrowing money too from people as and when required. Her motivation, her effort and her helplessness during tough times taught us how to lead life positively, confidently and motivated me also to be self reliant dependable son and today I am in a good company earning handsome salary, married and blessed with a son and leading my life happily with my family and mom with us living under one roof.  If at all my mom had given up after my father’s death and left us to work in garage or some small time works, our life would have still been in struggle and we would have been still trying to survive with paltry earnings and not such a happy life. My mom also invested in some policies which indeed helped during our studies, getting loans etc., She planned our future and helped us grow. I would be a role model to my family and kid too by giving him proper education, plan the savings, insurances in case of liabilities and make sure they don’t suffer like my mom and me during the tough times. Its duty of every parent, family member to think about the future and plan accordingly. No one can predict the consequences in our day to day life and anytime unexpected things might happen to one’s life.  I looked up my past, planned my studies accordingly, got into technical field, worked in small companies, step by step got into bigger companies and today I am totally a self-reliant person and I have enough confidence that I can help out my family in tough times ahead. I have planned and invested in many policies, mutual funds which would help in my son’s future studies.  If every one on this planet plan their lives sanely and live accordingly, they can live their life happily and their families too would be happy.

I stumbled upon this  #MyFamilyMyPride ad film video from HDFC  which is amazing and shows how a father motivates her kid in becoming a better and self reliant person.