How I Can Utilize A Fastest Internet Connection?

In this fast moving world of Internet, who really wants to live their online life with the crawling download and upload speed via their current ISP’s who provide pathetic service as well as charge hefty monthly bills? How good it would be if we get a connection and speed which satisfies us and justifies the bills which we pay month after month? Thanks to Airtel and their 4G connection which I think is a life saver and work as per our expectations and satisfaction. If you are not aware, they recently launched across 296 cities in India. Initially it was available in just some select metro and big cities. Right now, I have a 4G connection on my mobile which gives pretty good download speed and its pretty stable too. With the unbelievable speed which Airtel 4G offers, there are many things which I can perform and make things go smoother during my day to day internet life. How many of you are frustrated by seeing the buffering screens when they want to watch any show or video on Youtube ? How many times we have closed the screens with frustration and stopped watching what we wanted to watch? with high speeds offered by Airtel, that will be history and I can watch the high quality video without a glitch now and also don’t have to use offline mode to watch videos effortlessly. With high speed 4G connection, I can scroll down my twitter and Facebook feeds seamlessly and watch the videos too on the social media without any strain. With 4G connection, I don’t have to shell out money in theaters too and watch full HD quality movies online itself via Youtube, Digital TV’s and may more online video content providers which are available out there. We can upload our pictures, videos etc., to our social media channels right from where we are and don’t have to run to office or place where there is a fast internet or leased line connection. Also, these days storing the pictures and videos on cloud is so easy and secure too. With the fast 4G connection, I can store and retrieve the content on the cloud very easily and fastly. With fast 4G connection, its really a welcome gift to bloggers like me who can do the live blogging, video blogging etc., from the different places I visit. Also, if required even I can do the live streaming to my audience right from the event place which is very welcoming to the readers and followers of my blog and social media. If I keep on writing, there will be many hundreds of uses and advantages in having a fastest internet connection like Airtel 4G with you all the time. These are some of the scenarios which came on top of my mind where I can use the fastest connection under my hood. Do share in the comments section on what will do with these unbelievable speeds under your hood?


Mahatma Gandhi – We For You

Happy Gandhi Jayanthi to All.

  • We Love You for what you have done to India.
  • We Love You for what you are..
  • We’ll Kill each other for you..
  • We’ll turn corrupt for you.
  • We will Loot and Sell India for you.
  • All Indians will remember and work for you every second of their LIFE.
  • We For You.. Baapu, We For You.

Sab hain Baimaan, Phir bhi Mera Bharat Mahaan. Jai Hind.

Traveling to UK via Dubai – important food import regulation

Traveling to UK via Dubai – important food import regulation

A forwarded email which I got. Not sure how true is this, but better be safe than sorry..

Email contents below.

Dear Friends,

I came to know of a case from a friend of mine which is very scary. One of his friends was traveling to UK via Dubai . Unfortunately he was carrying a packet of Khas Khas which is a commonly used spice in some Indian curries and sweets. Khas Khas is also known as poppy seed which can be sprouted to grow narcotics (afeem etc.).

This innocent person did not know that recently the laws in UAE and other Gulf countries have been revised and carrying Khas Khas is punishable with minimum 20 years of imprisonment or even worse with death penalty . Currently, the person is in a jail in Dubai for the last two weeks. His friends are frantically trying hard for his release but are finding that this has become a very very serious case. Lawyers are asking huge fees amounting to AED 100,000 even to appear in the court to plead for his innocence.

Please forward this email to all you know specially in India . They should know the seriousness of this matter and should never ever carry even minutest quantities of the following items when traveling to Gulf countries:

1. Khas Khas whether raw, roasted or cooked.
2. Paan
3. Beetle nut (supari and its products, e.g. Paan Parag etc.)

The penalties are very severe and it could destroy the life of an innocent person.

I appeal you to create the awareness by forwarding this email to all you know.

Br, Rajeev//