Navilaadavaru – A movie done with only 35000/- budget

Refer this article on Bangalore Mirror for More details on this movie.

I had read about this 35000/- movie on twitter and also heard about the same from some TV channels some days back. On 8th May 2010, Mr. Giriraj the director of this Movie ‘Navilaadavaru’ was interviewed on RedFM radio channel by RJ Pallavi, that is when I came to know that the film is being screened on 9th May 2010 at K H Kala Soudha, Hanumanth Nagar, Bangalore ( I was eagerly wanted to see his work and waited for Sunday morning. I went there earlier at 10:20 AM only when no audiences have turned out yet, I got a chance to meet Mr. Giriraj and wished him all the best. He is a nice, humble guy who spoke so nicely. Slowly audiences started coming in, by 11 AM, around 60-70 people came to watch the screening of this movie. Most of them are his friends and some new audiences. Also, there were some people from film land too. K H KalaSoudha is a nice auditorium which can accommodate around 150 people. Nice seats, nice ambience. They couldn’t release this movie to the wide audience due to the budget problems as they could not register this movie for Censorship. For any public screening even in some film festivals in India, ‘Navilaadavaru’ has to get the censor certificate. But Giriraj has to become a member of the Producers’ Association which will cost Rs 50,000. So, the movie is being screened privately to the smaller audience and they have done this movie mainly for a film festival organised by a local film institute in Spain. This movie is completed in Just 12 days between March 4th and 19th 2010.

A laudable thing is, this movie is entirely shot using Canon DSLR still camera which has video recording option. The camera he used for shooting was the one professionals use for shooting advertisements. “It can be screened at 70 mm,” says Giriraj to Bangalore Mirror.

This movie is based on the subject ‘Terrorism’. Cast: Giriraj, Pradeep, Revathi and Achyut in main roles. I don’t want to reveal the story as it will take the credit away for the great effort put by Mr. GiriRaj. You should watch it whenever this will be screened at different places. But, the movie made me truly spellbound and I just could not stop appreciating the effort Mr. GiriRaj has put for this movie and the acting by the actors. Mr. GiriRaj himself acted as a main terrorist in this movie and its just amazing. Pradeep and Revathi too acted well as main actors of this movie. Achyut Kumar who is an experienced actor and acted in many kannada movies shines as a Police Inspector. His character too well etched and he given the shots to perfection. This movie has 3 songs too which is well orchestrated by Ashley and team without taking any charge from Giriraj. The music have come out well too. The movie has a great beginning and superb climax too. As a normal audience, I loved every bit of the movie.

No one moved when the movie was being screened and everyone applauded the effort of Giriraj post screening. There was an interactive session with Giriraj post screening and all of the people who spoke applauded the effort and appreciated and motivated Giriraj to make more such movies in future. A Gentleman offered him 1 crore rupees too for his future ventures. One more person/friend of Giriraj offered him 1 Lakh rupees for his future ventures and there were some people from filmland, media too. All appreciated the efforts put by Giriraj and blessed him for giving such a nice movie. Only unfortunate thing is, this movie is not able to reach wide audience at this point of time. May be people if more such screenings happen in city and around Karnataka, Giriraj would get more visibility. Such artists should be appreciated so that Kannada film industry would be improve with quality films.

Finally, as I said earlier, am totally spellbound with this movie and I would love to watch it again and again when it will be screened. I’ve taken the contact details of Mr. Giriraj and I’d love to give him as much publicity as possible from my side. So, whenever next screening happens, I’ll definitely let you guys know and I urge to watch it without miss.

Below are some snaps from the movie, clicked using my Nokia E63 mobile, so never mind about the clarity of the picture.

Again Cheers to Mr. Giriraj for producing and directing such a great movie. Mr. Giriraj, you have got a new fan and I’m sure, will watch all the movies which you make in future. Below is the Man Giriraj who has done Fantastic job.

Below are some news articles which were published in some local newspapers. Credits to forum for scans.

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