Indiblogger / KingFisher m(tw)eetup / 21st Feb 2010

Indiblogger / KingFisher m(tw)eetup / 21st Feb 2010

It was m(tw)eetup time again for me with blogger and tweeters at Indiblogger / KF sponsored event at Kyra theatre, Indiranagar on 21st Feb 2010.

More details about the event is here:

There were around 150 people who had registered for the event and approximately around 100 blogger/microbloggers attended the meetup.

Event started with a funny (spoofed) video of Hitler who wanted to attend ‘Indiblogger/KF meetup’ Check out the video here: . Everyone laughed their heart(a$$) out for this excellent video.

It was absolutely great to meet most/all of them. Frankly, could not meet all of them as time was short and people were more, nevertheless it was really nice to hear excellent experiences from different bloggers about their blog, their life etc., in 30 secs of fame where everyone introduced about themselves. Beer was served for all and beer guzzlers were very happy. Its bit sad that KF/Indiblogger didn’t worried about teetotalers, nevertheless, It was a great fun meeting lot of people and I’m not complaining. Hopefully, KF/Indiblogger will address this next time. Then came a nice experience of meeting the bloggers in person. KF/Indiblogger came up with an nice idea of comments on drawing sheet. They gave the drawing sheets to everyone with a thread tied to it, the guys has to hang it over their neck and meet all the bloggers out there and get comments on that drawing sheet. People enjoyed writing nice comments / Nasty comments too on each others back. It was a nice fun and got a good chance to meet many people, however as I said time was really short and couldn’t catch up with more people and also since meeting many people for the first time, it was really tough to remember the names and blogs of them, so hopefully everyone Indiblogger team who took attendance of the attendees, will put the names at one place of all the people who had attended the event and that would be of great help. Anyhow I could make note of all the persons details (their name, blogname) so that I can put a comment on their blog and further continue communicating with them through their blog or twitter id. There was couple of gifts too for the two people who got more comments on their sheets. Two guys won the T-Shirt for 27 and 24 comments on their sheets. I got 15 comments, I met many but didn’t take comments from all, else I could have won a T-Shirt from Indiblogger. Well, past is past.. can’t complain.

I met many people from my last Indiblogger meetup at Potluck Restaurant and it was nice seeing them again in this meet. I could see and hear lot of great experiences from excellent bloggers/ SEO experts in that room and I’m no where in front of them in blogging scene. Hopefully, I’ll show more interest in blogging and will continue to blog like them .. I was really thrilled to hear when Raghava Sathish says he earns very good income through his blogs/SEO being visually impaired and he is a true motivator for me. Money is not the main motivator here for me, but the enthusiasm which he has for blogging/SEO. He is running his life through his blogs. This one man himself was a great inspirer for many bloggers out there to go out and write in their blogs. Then, came Q&A session where lot of lovely questions were asked and may experienced bloggers gave their valuable answers and suggestions which was really helpful for newbie bloggers and everyone too. Almost everyone wanted to talk, interact and discuss.. but time was the main concern as we had to pack up exact at 6 PM since Kyra is the busiest place in Indiranagar and they had different appointments lined up for the hall.. Overall, it was a great time spent at Indiblogger/KF meet and I will remember it in future. Personal thanks to Renie Revin, Anoop Zombie, Karthik DR, entire Indiblogger team, KF team and KyraBLR. I wish to attend many more m(tw)eetups like this in future too.

Uploaded the pictures taken by me here and below are couple of videos taken at the event. Hopefully you guys like it. Forget the clarity of the pictures

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Introduction of some bloggers

Comments on Drawing Sheets

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