Asus Indiblogger Meet – Go Sleek ASUS Experience

I got an opportunity to attend the first Indiblogger meet of year 2015 sponsored by Asus Brand and here is the brief about the the experiences and takeaway’s from the meet.

As usual like old indiblogger meets, this meet too was organized in a posh hotel in an urban area of Namma Bengaluru. The event was organized at ITC Gardenia which is in the heart of the city, ofcourse reaching there in Bengaluru traffic was little pain, but once you enter the Arena and have couple of drinks, you’ll forget that stress. The stage was well set and there were more than 180 bloggers from different fields were present at the meet, its not just a tech only where some product is showcased and those products demo, some Q&A, dinner or lunch and move out. Additional to all these, there were lot of fun activities like in all indiblogger meets. The event started with rock music with very own Indiband featuring Indi blogger core team. Thanks to amazing host Anoop Zombie and his team from Indiblogger who keep crowd on their toes who had come up with complete plan to entertain crowd, make sure they are not bored and in between, the nicely inserted a product presentation too from Asus Product managers, and people did get chance to play around with couple of Asus All-in-One PC’s and a Asus’ sleeek Eeebook too and share their first impressions and lasting impressions of those devices via tweets.  It was fun to watch people trying out hand gesture feature on Asus All-in-one PC. I tried a bit too, but it needs lot of time and patience to master that and use it to its full potential. The products showcased in the event were decent enough and I did like the sleeeker Asus EEEbook, the model which was there in the demo zone was Asus Eeebook x205TA.

Asus gesture control demo

There was meet and greet sessions, lot of vouchers were given away to bloggers via different quick contests during the event like how much personal things one could get from fellow indibloggers via meet and greet, wittiest tweets with hashtag #GoSleeekASUSExperience , and many other simple Q&A’s too earned some vouchers to different bloggers.

There was some group activities too where entire bloggers at venue were split into 4 teams , and given different secret themes to be performed on stage and spread the word about blogging and how blogging helped their lives etc., via funny and interesting themes.  It was pretty amazing to see that the bloggers could come up with some impromptu stage acts within some 10 to 15 minutes time which was allotted to prepare and present for those themes. It was lovely and entertaining.

Finally, it was dinner . The menu was good and the food is from ITC Gardenia, so no question about quality and taste of food. I am sure all the bloggers enjoyed their food and had sumptuous dinner and took enough rest when during weekend 🙂 Overall, it was a fun evening and it was great to meet so many bloggers at one place again . Would love to attend more such indiblogger events in future too.

Here are some of the snaps taken at the event.

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I HATE Pimples

Today I am gonna write about something that always has these teenagers and even adults stirred up in the gross things on your face and these are called as “Pimples” which will grow more faces on your face on top of  that they are popped all over because they are absolutely retarded and that disgusts me. . I mean imagine this, chin pimple, nose pimple, cheek pimple, forehead pimple etc., its just everywhere and its never gonna give up in just , it will ruin the face no matter what I do. I hate pimples and I have used everything to get rid of pimples and it just doesn’t go away like Pimples are there for life I am pretty sure I have spent thousands of rupees on facial products within my lifetime so far on face stuff like there a stringent , I used  scrubs, I used pore strips , I used scrubs, mass anything . I have tried it and it just never goes away and its the most frustrating in the world because nobody wants to look at pimply face, just like they pretend to like you or love talking to you, but just the conversations happens unwillingly and sometimes just ends with hi hello and bye. They will think in their mind that I am really disgusting and act as if they are not. But they will say and talk in back of your head and then that makes me super self-conscious, then I just lather on the creams to make it up or just try something to make it look OK thinking no one will see, but eventually those makeup’s wear off in some hours. The pimples are most annoying things in anybody’s life. You just cannot attend any meetings confidently, you just cannot get ready without being self-conscious to any party, functions etc., You just cannot have fun with friends and family completely. There is always a little bit fear and self-consciousness clouding your brain. Its just ridiculous and painful. I hope just somebody in there create a product which by just applying , its just gone forever because I am sure it  will sell like a brand new smartphones which are released by companies like Apple. Yes, it will because there are millions of people out there which are suffering with these problems day in and day out of their lives and its pretty annoying.  I was just going through some of the blog posts and reviews at Garnier’s website about this product Pure Active neem . Not sure how much I should believe them or not sure how much this product would help, but I am wiling to try it out these too and let’s see if this is that God send product which will help clearing my pimples like FOREVER.

A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home

A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home. Do you agree with me ? If you are a parent and anyone who loves kids would definitely agree with me. Recently my kid fall sick due to gastric and he was in uncontrollable stomach pain, at that moment our entire family members were restless by seeing the way he suffered. We immediately took him to clinic and provided him proper medicines, after 1 hour or so his pain was reduced and he was relaxing and it took almost 2 to 3 days for him to fully recover.  During this one incident, there was lot of flutter in family, lot of restlessness, tension between each other, people couldn’t concentrate on their works properly. I know its a simple gastric issue, but since the parents, elders love their kid so much, that they were too much about worried about them. We used to see him play , laugh with us, fight with us, argue with us, love us which made him the most lovable child in our family. We all always want to see him happy and healthy. When he plays with us, we forget all the tension and stress which might have happened him office, workplace etc., which gives us instant mental relief and we come back to normal situation. We he argues with us with his silly which are intellectual questions and makes us clueless to give a satisfactory and convincing answer to him and internally we are also feeling happy that he could trap us with his intelligence. That moment is priceless.  When he fights for TV remote to watch his favorite cartoon channels, even though we resist him and change the channels, someone we accept our defeat and give it back.  When my child plays with other boys and enjoys the time, we just quietly watch him enjoy and in turn we too feel happy and that takes us back to our childhood too. All this is possible, only if the kid is healthy and energetic always which is directly proportional to the happiness in any family.  So, keep kids healthy most of the time and always, we should give them healthy food, diet, regular nutritional foods which fights and makes them immune to the diseases affecting them. Its really helpful if we can give them Ayurveda based supplements like Dabur Chyawanprash which increases the ability to fight illness by 3 times. This is based on Dabur’s clinical and pre-clinical studies. Since, this contains Ayurvedic ingredients, its safe to be consumed and give to children of all the ages.  This is just a small instance which I wanted to write away via my blog post, and I am sure you would agree with me that a healthy child in a home keeps that family too happy and healthy too.

If you have some stories to share on this topic, please do leave the comment.

Simply Go Sleek

I came across this Ad on Amazon and I instantly fell in love with the design and idea behind Asus’ All-in-One PC (Model PC ET2040) which looked absolutely stunning and I would definitely like to own one for my style of life and requirements.


img source:

As a blogger, I always need a smart PC which can perform well as well as which doesn’t take much space on my table. This specifications and configurations of this PC meets all my blogging needs and its really useful for me.  To name some, this PC comes with Intel Pentium Processor J2900 which is best in the class and it comes with Window 8.1 64-bit OS which is really useful to install 64-bit based applications and also can install 32-bit applications. Also, ASUS is adding up 2 GB on board memory which is really must for the fastest performance and have enough storage ie., 500 GB for all my video editing needs and also to store lot of high resolution pictures. The storage also helps me storing lot of movies, videos and I don’t have to worry about deleting them after watching, I can re-watch the videos, TV Shows, Movies anytime I want. On top of this PC ET2040 comes with lot of USB connectivity options with 3 numbers of USB 3.0 ports for faster data transfer upto 10 times between your external hard disks, smartphones etc., and also you can charge your smartphones, tablets etc., upto 50% faster than USB 2.0. Also, it comes with  3 numbers of USB 2.0 ports for all your USB input devices or Hard disks too, 1 HDMI output using which you can connect to projector, Television etc., Also, it has a slot to read your SD Cards, SDHC and MMC cards using which you can directly copy the images from your camera, camcorders etc.,

With a good processor backed with 2 GB memory, I can install some great PC games too which has amazing graphics for my kid who can enjoy playing with the same.

And one another best thing about this PC which I like is the backup power which it provides for upto 1 hour which is really useful to save my work and shutdown the PC gracefully unlike with the traditional PC’s where you’ll lose your work the moment electricity goes down.

Asus has really kept users requirements in mind and come up with such an excellent configuration and the PC is really handy too, you can carry and place it anywhere on the Table, TV stand etc., with the stand provided in the back of the device.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with this device and I just cannot wait to lay my hands on it and buy one as soon as its available on Amazon for purchase. Right now, its not available on Amazon, but we can just register for the same and they will intimate us as soon as its available. You can check out the more about the device  and on how to buy the same here.

If one want to do the computing on the Go, Asus’ EeeBook X205TA is the device you want to look at. This one also has some amazing specs and its really handy device too while you are on move. Its ultra-thin with just 1.75 mm and weighs less than 1 KG, backed with 2 GB DDR 3 RAM and has a storage capacity of 32 GB. Asus gives free 500 GB cloud storage at ASUS web Storage for 2 years and 1 TB free storage on Microsoft One Drive which is really useful for the people on move. They don’t have to worry about copying the documents, files, contents from one PC to another or from one USB drive to other and vice-versa.  And ASUS is offering the same at very decent price of 14,999/- INR. Visit here for more details on this one.


img source

Gendercide – The Worstest Evil On The Earth

I happen to watch this below video from Mr. Evan Grae which motivated me to write this blog post.

My blood boils when I hear or read any news about Gendercide. Who on the earth gave rights to a person to kill another human being based on their Gender? What a sick mentality human being who dares to kill an unborn or just born baby?  This is one ridiculous culture which should be eradicated from root.   And I strongly voice against it.

7477021500_9e95135102_zImage source

As per the statistics, there are around 200 million girls are missing from the world due to this deadly thing called ‘Gendercide’. Let’s put a stop to this Menace by educating people , making them understand Women are not liability to the world but they are Precious who contributes/helps more to the world than any man in the world. They are nothing less than any man in the present competitive world and they can help build economy of any country.  Guys, we should basically understand that without women, there will be no men too. Why don’t our people understand this simple psychology ?

Read through some of the articles on web below which gives more details picture of Gendercide with clear statistics etc.,

Gendercide –

The worldwide war on baby girls –

Lets take a oath on not to kill any child in the name of Gendercide and end Gendercide.

End Gendercide Manifesto. Please visit here and Please take a minute to hit the Facebook “share” button on the link below and re-post the manifesto to your personal Facebook wall, as well as your organization’s.

EndGendercideManifestoWatch this short movie called “itsagirl” from Evan Grae here.

On the side note, there are many burning issues too in this world. Kudos to Franklin Templeton Investments who are spreading the word against them and making the world a better place to live. Check out IdeaCaravan from Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012, watch the videos on different big issues out there and also raise your voices against them, support them.

Thanks for reading. Leave your comments/suggestions you may have.