An effort to Rediscover myself

Recently I caught up with this video linked above from one of my friend’s Facebook timeline which really made me think and thought would write a blog post on the same. We never know when the disaster strikes in our lives just like Shanky in the video. When I revert back my chapters of life in last some years , I am sure I missed lot of things in my life and I think its really the time that I change myself and try to rediscover my world. I have wasted so much time spending on useless things in my life like spending more time on social media, trying to be friends with Virtual folks than real. Disconnected with family in while concentrating more on Work along with social media, blogs, meetups, tweetups etc., and not even spending some quality time with Family and Kid. Not even focusing on my personal health, eating whatever I get, putting on weight, no exercise whatsoever.

Well, that’s the story of many people in IT and other fields I suppose. But there is always a chance to change yourselves. There are some list of things which I would like to rediscover myself and I hope I’ll be successful in that in coming years. They are not some rocket science, but very simple things which might make me happy as well as my family.

  • 1. First and foremost, play a lot with my only Son, spend more time with him. First learn myself and teach good things about life to him.
  • 2. Spend more time with Family, go out regularly with them, have fun every weekends etc.,
  • 3. Re-Join the Gym, start working out on my physique and be fit.
  • 4. I was a hard-core biker once before marriage, use to ride a lot on long distance travels, missing all those action post marriage and Kid. Definitely should start going for long rides, if not very long , at least some short distances like 50-100 kilometer rides outside the city and break the shackles of the city world.
  • 5. Learn new stuff which will help me grow professionally and be a competitive person in my professional life which will directly impact and help in the improvement of life style.

I can keep on going.. But at least these are the top priority ones for me at this point of time. This list will keep on growing as and when I achieve them. Hope with the support of my friends and family I would be able to achieve them ASAP.

Well, Kudos to this video from eBay which made me rethink and motivated me to rediscover my life. You can follow them on their social networks (Facebookย andย Twitter ) too where they have shared some useful stuff too time to time.


Kingfisher Ultra Beer Tweetup on 16th Jan 2010

Kingfisher Ultra Beer Tweetup on 16th Jan 2010

Yesterday attended KF Ultra beer tweetup (details here: #kfultra hashtag on twitter, it was almost a most trending topic yesterday on twitter) The meet was arranged at Urban Edge / NYK’s. This was organized by @kingfisherworld. This was first time attending this kind of meet with drinkers me being a non-drinker ๐Ÿ™‚ (ofc, there were some others too). @kingfisherworld was nice enough to get us mocktails and cold drinks for non-drinkers. Nice veg startes like baby corn manchurian, panner manchurian, peanut masala, non-veg starters etc., were tasting too good too. I had totally a rocking time yesterday with people from different background. Even though all of them/most of them were drinkers, they were well behaved and I kind of not left out. Thankfully there were non-drinkers too which kept me busy talking to them too. KF hosts Adi and Sambhav were good at hosting the party and lot of fun contests too (like beer guzzling contest, Movie contest and music contests) where some lucky guys won themselves a good bag with 5 DVD’s in each bag. For beer guzzling contest, they had to chose 5 people for the competition, the ones who tweets this sentence “#KFultra beer guzzling” 5 times would be eligible for the contest, I mis-understood the contest and tweeted 5 times using my Blackberry very fastly by doing copy-paste ๐Ÿ™‚ in each tweet and funny part I got selected for the contest, I was like, WTF, I’m not selected for gift and only for selection for the contest, I being non-drinker. Then I nominated @iwannaquitmyjob to drink on behalf of me and he agreed to give the gift to me, but unfortunately he came 2nd in ‘beer guzzling’ contest. It was fun. We (team of five members, myself, @vasudhara, @prat3Ek, @normaltusker and @vasudhara’s friend ) came 2nd in movie contest too and came last in Music contest too. So we didn’t win anything.. Well, moreover the gifts, it was the good times which mattered and we loved it. There was some nice music in background which was played in background which was a absolute party mode. I think it was the most remembered day for most drinkers where they drunk lot of beer non-stop and beer was unlimited FREE from @kingfisherworld. Those who love beer really missed this party. Finally at 9:45 PM, I had to start back to home after spending nice time at #KFULTRA tweetup. I would love to join the meet again in future too :). Regarding the tweeters, I couldn’t recollect all the names who were there, but there are some twitter handles whom I remember who are @dhempe, @fossiloflife,@anishken,@asfaq,@ashwinsid,@brandbull,@dkris, @clemenza, @fartingpen, @ganeshkn, @iwannaquitmyjob, @kingfisherworld, @sambhav, @adisez, @naveen_ookull, @pranxter, @prat3Ek, @psam, @rmenn, @sidh256, @twahul, @vasudhara, @daaku and ofc me @rajashekars. All the above if you want to follow me, my handle is @rajashekars. Special Thanks to @kingfisherworld for being such a nice hosts in this tweetup.

Below are some pictures taken by me at the event. Enjoy ! Kingfisher is absolutely ‘King of good times’

Pictures taken by @kingfisherworld team:

Couple of Short Videos

Kingfisher Ultra Beer Guzzling contest

Kingfisher Ultra Movie contest