Asus Indiblogger Meet – Go Sleek ASUS Experience

I got an opportunity to attend the first Indiblogger meet of year 2015 sponsored by Asus Brand and here is the brief about the the experiences and takeaway’s from the meet.

As usual like old indiblogger meets, this meet too was organized in a posh hotel in an urban area of Namma Bengaluru. The event was organized at ITC Gardenia which is in the heart of the city, ofcourse reaching there in Bengaluru traffic was little pain, but once you enter the Arena and have couple of drinks, you’ll forget that stress. The stage was well set and there were more than 180 bloggers from different fields were present at the meet, its not just a tech only where some product is showcased and those products demo, some Q&A, dinner or lunch and move out. Additional to all these, there were lot of fun activities like in all indiblogger meets. The event started with rock music with very own Indiband featuring Indi blogger core team. Thanks to amazing host Anoop Zombie and his team from Indiblogger who keep crowd on their toes who had come up with complete plan to entertain crowd, make sure they are not bored and in between, the nicely inserted a product presentation too from Asus Product managers, and people did get chance to play around with couple of Asus All-in-One PC’s and a Asus’ sleeek Eeebook too and share their first impressions and lasting impressions of those devices via tweets.  It was fun to watch people trying out hand gesture feature on Asus All-in-one PC. I tried a bit too, but it needs lot of time and patience to master that and use it to its full potential. The products showcased in the event were decent enough and I did like the sleeeker Asus EEEbook, the model which was there in the demo zone was Asus Eeebook x205TA.

Asus gesture control demo

There was meet and greet sessions, lot of vouchers were given away to bloggers via different quick contests during the event like how much personal things one could get from fellow indibloggers via meet and greet, wittiest tweets with hashtag #GoSleeekASUSExperience , and many other simple Q&A’s too earned some vouchers to different bloggers.

There was some group activities too where entire bloggers at venue were split into 4 teams , and given different secret themes to be performed on stage and spread the word about blogging and how blogging helped their lives etc., via funny and interesting themes.  It was pretty amazing to see that the bloggers could come up with some impromptu stage acts within some 10 to 15 minutes time which was allotted to prepare and present for those themes. It was lovely and entertaining.

Finally, it was dinner . The menu was good and the food is from ITC Gardenia, so no question about quality and taste of food. I am sure all the bloggers enjoyed their food and had sumptuous dinner and took enough rest when during weekend 🙂 Overall, it was a fun evening and it was great to meet so many bloggers at one place again . Would love to attend more such indiblogger events in future too.

Here are some of the snaps taken at the event.

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The Startup Diaries Book Launched

Gagan Jain and Neeti Jain, authors cum entrepreneurs, launched their first book, The Start up Diaries”, a collection of real stories on ordinary entrepreneurs with extraordinary journey, on 25th September 2013 at Oxford Bookstore in Bangalore. The book was unveiled by Phanindra Sama, CEO,, one of the entrepreneurs featured in ‘The Start up Diaries’. The other entrepreneurs present at the event were Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder, One97; Abhinav Sinha, Founder, EKO and Ajit Andhare, Founder Colosceum Media, who are featured in the book as well. The book also features Yo! China and The Loot Store.  Many bloggers were invited to the launch event and it was pretty much interactive with the Authors and Entrepreneurs. It definitely gave some hopes for the budding entrepreneurs who attended the event.  The top people who were on dais were an ordinary people like you and me who has achieved their dreams through the passion and dedication towards their ideas and dreams.  I can’t wait to read the book completely.

The Start Up Diaries

From left  to right: Ajit Andhare, Founder Colosceum Media, Neeti Jain, co-author of the book, Gagan Jain, co-author of the book, Phanindra Sama, CEO of, Abhinav Sinha, Founder of EKO

The Start Up Diaries1

Interactive session with Bloggers

‘The Start up Diaries’ is a collection of the real life experiences of six of the most successful entrepreneurs operating in India.  The journeys of these entrepreneurs have been realistically laid down in the book, where the author-couple believes ’The Start up Diaries’ will influence the thoughts of budding entrepreneurs and aspirants. Each chapter is dedicated to one entrepreneur, capturing every incident of his journey to success, including his motivating, hilarious and thought provoking moments.

Unveiling the book, Phanindra Sama, CEO, said, “’Start up Diaries’ is the story of aspiring entrepreneurs who believed in their dreams and pursued them against all odds to give birth to innovative ventures. The realistic picture it has drawn on the journeys of each entrepreneur can educate and inspire readers. I appreciate the effort put by the Jains for the approach they have taken in conveying the message across in an effort to motivate young talent to believe ‘Entrepreneurship’ can be a great career option.”

It is evident that countries that do not support entrepreneurship have slower growth rates.  India, if it needs to grow at a faster pace should give rise to more entrepreneurs.  A changed-mindset to that of risk-taking should be adopted along with the acquisition of required skill sets in their areas of expertise.

Gagan Jain, Author cum Entrepreneur, commented, “Entrepreneurship is celebrated in India today and the country is slowly emerging as a ‘hub’ for entrepreneurs.   People dream of owning a company and establishing themselves, but many are unaware of the struggle and challenges they could possibly encounter on the journey. ‘The Start up Diaries’  aims to educate readers, revealing the true experiences of six successful start-ups highlighting the hurdles faced and how they overcame them to achieve their dreams.”

Neeti Jain, Co-author, adds, “It was truly an eye-opener for us, when we started to interview the entrepreneurs and listened to their struggles, which otherwise would have been unknown.  We are grateful to them as they took time off their busy schedules to narrate their success stories, challenging times and the solutions they implemented.  We hope ‘Start-up Diaries’ will become a motivation and a ready reference guide for young aspirants.”

The book is available on facebook store, e-commerce sites and at all the leading book stores priced at Rs. 249/-.

Honda Amaze’d


Honda Car India, for the first time organized an event where they called in Car enthusiasts, bloggers from Bangalore to experience their new car on the block ‘Honda Amaze’ on 3rd August 2013. Event was well organized and the Product managers and management team explained the History of Honda Cars briefly and the in-depth details of their latest Honda Amaze to the bloggers and Car enthusiasts in the event via their presentations and some of the Amazing videos.  The event was all about the hanging out with Honda and experience an Amazing drive on Honda Amaze, so without much theoretical session, we are allowed to try out the demo cars which included both Petrol and diesel version.  I am not going into the details of specifications and detailed features of the car, you can check out in details here. But, definitely would love to post some of the pictures which taken during the amazing drive we went.  Check them out below.

1Cars lined up for us for test drive


That’s the one which we test drove


Awesome Eye


The beautiful Stretch between Whitefield and Narasapura


Amaze on Amazing Roads


Beautiful Back


That’s me with Amazing Amaze



That’s my friends Senthil and Nirav who were with me in Amaze




Bloggers and Car Enthusiasts chit-chat at Coffee Day, Narasapura


Panaromic shot of all the bloggers in the picture


Howz that ??


Ample leg space


Dashboard of Amaze




Check out the boot space


Amaze’d Totally

Once we all are returned from the test drive, there was an interaction session between bloggers and the management which was really good and they were patient enough to answer all the questions and doubt which the guys had and also they noted down the suggestions and improvements also which were given by the bloggers.

About the car, I totally enjoyed the drive with couple other guys and the car looks premium and makes heads turn towards it. Comes in 6 Amazing colours, all are good looking compared to one another. The one best thing I liked in the car is the comfort and the leg space inside the cabin. That’s really helpful for the long stretches. Its a perfect car for family as well as for youngsters.

Overall, the event was Amazing as Amazing as Honda Amaze and I look forward to attend more such events. Thanks to Honda Cars India and BloggersMind for inviting me to the event.

Pakoda Chai Se 5-Star Dinner and Wine Tak

Those were the days I remember when I attended the first every Indiblogger meet in Bangalore at a restaurant called Potluck Veg whose owner is a fellow Indiblogger Mr. BK Birla who was gracious enough to provide the space on his Restaurant’s Terrace and good enough to serve Hot Pakodas and Chai too for the 20 odd Indiblogger members who had gathered for the meet.  Yup! When we look back, it was 20 members who first started the trend of IndiMeets in Bangalore and on this day it reached to accommodate more than 250 Members in a meetup and at the venue is a Five Star Hotel like ITC Gardenia proudly sponsored by Nokia India.  I’ve created a short video on how this journey started and where we are today. Do check out till the end to cherish the lovely moments the bloggers had in different meetups happened over the years across the different places.

I am glad to be part of this meetup and event called NokiaAppTasting where foodies meet techies to explore the innovation and amazing applications created by Nokia.  The success mantra of these blogger meets is the amazing connection between the Indiblogger platform and the product companies which creates a win-win situation both for bloggers and brands. Bloggers gets exposure to their blogs, gets chance to show off their talents and topped with Amazing gifts from the sponsors.  Once such extra ordinary event was NokiaAppTasting which I attended in Bangalore on 11th Nov 2012 at ITC Gardenia , Bangalore. Amazing ambience, excellent music and hosted by two famous personalities Mr. Rajiv Makhni and a world famous check Mr. Vikas Khanna. Rajiv’s Wits combined with Vikas’ skills reached made the event reach to the skies on that day.  Below are the overview of the entire event.

Hope you enjoy reading the same. It was one of the excellent and amazing event and meetup I had attended till date.. Kudos to Nokia India and Indiblogger for providing bloggers such an opportunity and event.  Before the event start, bloggers who had registered for the event were asked to provide their app ideas which could turn into a real app for smartphones with the help and marketing from Nokia for those applications if they win in the contest at the end of the day.  Even, I had submitted couple of ideas and was hoping to win.

As usual with his excellent and lovely talk Anoop Zombie recharged the audience and introduced his indiblogger core team members without them, this event wouldn’t have seen the light. He made entire audience to clap, dance and brought them to lively condition. Then gave the stage to Nokia’s top officials and followed by two lovely hosts/anchors who were the Pilots of the entire journey through the amazing evening. One was Awesome and witty Tech Guru at NDTV Mr. Rajiv Makhni and Another was a women’s hearthrob and skillful world famous chef Vikas Khanna.  Their introduction about themselves and about the event was one of the best and entertaining. These two made people fall in the love with their Phones and almost made them kiss their phones to show their love towards their phones and smartphones.

To begin with some excellent introduction sessions of the IndiBlogger members who explained why they blog and what keeps them ticking in the blogging world.  Lot of well known and new indibloggers got chance to introduce themselves on stage which was good to hear their experiences.  There were some stalkers (they call themselves) for Vikas who were die hard fans of him who flew all the way from Mumbai and other places. There was a lovely introduction from an 10 year old blogger too who won prize for his innocent talk.  There was one farmer blogger from Tirunelveli who had all the way from TN and stayed for 2 days in Bangalore to attend this blogger meet. It was so good to see and meet enthusiastic bloggers from across India.  There were couple of famous bloggers from Bangalore got introduced for whom there was a huge cheer and loud noise came from Audience end. And there was this Guy called Tiger who earned 4 girlfriends and a Wife via his blogs itself. Interesting right ?? Though the hosts are famous celebrities, they never acted like one and was so close and friendly to the bloggers which made them genius among the hosts and there were no nervousness for the people who came on the stage. They were totally cool and audience were totally live and enjoying each and every moment of Nokia App Tasting. Rajiv called up Old age bloggers too on stage and it was great to hear about their blog and experiences too. One good thing about these introductions were, the bloggers got too many gifts and goodies too while in process.  And who can forget the lovely starters and wine provided during entire event. Appsolutely Amazing. Kudos to Nokia 🙂

In between, Rajiv demonstrated some lovely apps created by Nokia for Symbian and Windows mobiles. With the help of Vikas and some audience members, Rajiv created a lovely Charlie Chaplin kinda movie with the help of an excellent application available on Nokia Pureview 808 which can create any latest or new video into a 1920’s Charlie Chaplin kind of movie and entire thing did in just 20 seconds which was amazing and fun. After this, Rajiv demonstrated the Nokia City Lens application on big screen on how amazing you can find the places of interest around you just by tilting your smartphone towards the directions and angles you are interested.  Rajiv also demonstrated an app which works as a breath analyzer and checked on couple of bloggers who were drunk at the event and the app helped checking the alcohol level which they have consumed and whether they are eligible to drive back home or not. Rajiv also demonstrated an app called Magic mirror app using which a person’s style and look can be changed using his picture and check out how good he/she will look with that makeover. And there was a contest organized for Audience too who had to click 3 pictures based on the scenario/clue which Rajiv gives, bloggers went on and tried to click the pictures by the clues provided and one blogger who really understood the clues got a chance to win a Lumia 800 too.

Vikas was no less than Rajiv, he kept the audience entertained and busy with his cooking skills and helped some bloggers with the cooking tips and some competition in cooking too which earned some bloggers with amazing Nokia Lumia phones too.  Vikas gave some nice tips on how to cut an onion to some bloggers on stage.  No one ever imagined on that day that an onion can earn them a Nokia Lumia 800 phone when the luck strikes, that’s what happened to a blogger girl. And there were some more cooking and games organized by Rajiv which helped bloggers to win couple more phones. On a whole, it was raining Phones and gifts at Nokia App Tasting event. Vikas too demonstrated some of an excellent applications related to cooking.

Likewise, the evening went on and on with amazing competitions, prizes etc., to the bloggers which made their day . All thanks to Nokia India for sponsoring those prizes. In between all these, one unforgettable event was the Gangnam style danced by Foodies and Techies which was appsolutely Amazing. Check out the videos posted here for the dances. Thanks to TonyJohn for uploading before me. And more amazing thing is Rajiv and Vikas too participated in the dance sessions and it was appsolutely amazing to watch. Do check out yourself here. It was so fun too watch the funny dances choreographed by techies and foodies.

Final stage of the event was the Winners selection for the best ideas submitted. They set it up like a reality show and 5 candidates ideas were shortlisted from the ideas submitted at the start of the event. Out of which luckily my idea too got was shortlisted and it was fun to attend that session. Unfortunately my idea couldn’t win but I was happy that out of 200+ entries there, my idea was shortlisted there. Out of 5, there was a winner and a runner-up who got Nokia Lumia 900 phones as their prices.  One sad thing was the prizes were given away to not so original application ideas. But, that’s all the part and parcel of the competitions, no regrets there.  BTW, if you guys have any ideas which can be an amazing app, go and submit your ideas here at , who knows you might win an amazing Nokia Lumia 920 Smartphone too. Its a contest opened by Nokia India and participate as soon as possible to win.

With that the show was over and everyone was allowed to have dinner and I must say, dinner was excellent and we enjoyed a lot, could network with lot of old friends and new ones too during the dinner time.

On an whole, the entire evening was totally fun and I was live tweeting the entire event with the help of hashtag #NokiaAppTasting . You can go and read out my tweets too which I sent from the event.  As I tweeted, Rajiv with his wits, Vikas with his skills rocked #NokiaApptasting event to the skies .  When a product company meets a online community that’s when happens an extravagant event like #NokiaApptasting . Rajiv and Vikas has such a good chemistry on the stage, no one else not even bollywood’s sexy chicks could have created so much fun and brought entertainment to the event. Nokia India did a best job in bringing them to host the event.

Below are some of the event pictures which I could capture.  BTW, I’m glad that am one of the top 3 tweeter of the event and here is the infographics prepared by an indiblogger Mukesh Rijhwani.

Thanks for reading the long post and leave any comments if you have.

GulPanag Bangalore Tweetup

It was great to meet the Gorgeous @GulPanag in Bangalore. Thanks to @NakulShenoy for organising the tweetup. Gul is literally down to earth and she made sure we are not talking with a Celebrity. The guys who were part of Tweetup was @msigeek , @uma_kanth, @vinaykashy, @vivekrp and his colleague , finally @tsuvik . Nice meeting all these chaps too. Took some pics below while at tweetup. Pardon the poor quality.