Healthy Diet or Crash Diet? You Decide.

Today I am going to share my views about benefits of healthy diet and the way we nutritionally compromise through the crash diets.

In this fast and mechanical world, its really tough for a person who works in metro cities to maintain a healthy lifestyle by the way of regular exercises, walking or jogging. Because of which we compromise on our health and do not concentrate on the body and physique leading to obesity and lot other health issues due to non-active life style of ours.  We have to set things right by at least by walking for some 30 minutes everyday and try to cut short on the food intake and maintain body to mass ratio so that we feel energetic and healthy. For that many people take the wrong way of crash diet and try to reduce their flab leading to lot of other health issues due to the crash diet. Leading professors in the field of medical science opposes the crash diets and suggest that it may harm your heart. For decades, experts have opinions that crash diets can be dangerous and may cause sudden deaths too. Actually crash diets works in reverse order when you suddenly stop eating less, the body goes into starving mode and rebels to protect its set fat point by lowering the body’s metabolism and turns into fat storage mode than fat burning. When you start eating normally again after the crash diet period, you gain weight back faster.

So, its better to follow the healthy diet on day to day basis and live healthy and happy life. Best way to start a healthy diet is starting your day with a glass of luke worm water mixed with a good quality honey , for ex: Dabur honey etc., Thankfully brands like Dabur has come up with Honey Diets too which you can follow on day to day basis to keep your metabolism up and running. Do check out their amazing honey based recipes too which would definitely help. Along with the healthy diet, some amount of walking or light exercises would definitely take you to long way of a happy and healthy life.  Ultimately, its our body and we must take care of ourselves. We must take out time from our busy schedules and look out our body and mind. This will keep you healthy, energetic all through the day and the person may not get frustrated or agitated too for simple reasons with his family, friends or anybody.

Just try to cut short on the junk food like burgers, Gobi Manchuris, deep fried food etc., and start eating healthy food like Salads, low-calorie food, fruits, juices etc., to keep yourself hungry free and also stay healthy.

Now, the question is would you choose Healthy Diet and stay happy forever or choose Crash Diet and stay happy temporarily? You decide.

Share your experiences, advices etc., too in the comments section so that it will benefit the fellow blog readers.

By Raj Posted in Misc

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