Love For Cricket?

There are some things in everyone’s life which you absolutely love it and cannot part with it whatsoever the situation is or whatsoever time it is and one of such thing is Cricket especially if you are an Indian and there you can rarely hear someone hating cricket in India. Out of 1.2 billion people in India, at least 80% of Indian people would love cricket and would die to watch the matches and that too especially if our Indian team is playing whether its locally or internationally. I have seen some people even taking credit to watch the cricket matches live in Stadium. There are some mad fans who travel to the places wherever it takes.  So, when we have so much love for cricket, its obvious that we miss out some important events in our life and some invaluable time which we may have to spend with our family and friends. Instead of which we spend time watching the matches on Television or Live.

30marcbmsp2_cricket_516806e                                                                                    Image source

cricket-with-friends                                                                                     Image source

We don’t speak to our family members or friends when we deeply watching any match and irritate them to core when they talk to us and we ignore them.  We sometimes even get frustrated when they disturb. But, we can avoid the embarrassing situations and frustrations among family and friends and still enjoy cricket right ? In this fast moving world when there is smartphones in everyone’s hand, why don’t we utilize the same and still enjoy the cricket as well as spend some quality time with our family and friends ? There are many applications and browsers such as UC Browser which gives faster downloads and faster refresh rate on the cricket sites as well as they have dedicated features like UC cricket which makes your life easy and you can watch the live score boards, match results etc., while on move and still enjoy the company with your friends and family.  The UC cricket option in the UC browser gives all the news in cricketing world, lists out the current live matches which are going on, and it will list out the upcoming match details too whether they are international matches or domestic matches.  Also, one can watch the amazing pictures from the cricketing world, watch the cricketing stars speaking and watch the videos and clips of the matches highlights like wickets, fours or sixes. UC browser has definitely understood the nerves of an Indian cricket fan and come up with amazing features on their browser which is embedded inside it. Along with UC Cricket there are lot of options available in UC browser using which one don’t have to install multiple applications on their device for booking the ticket ,selling their items, shopping online, browse their social media profiles, and enjoy the videos, pictures, music etc., Its the one stop shop for all the things which you need on your mobile.  Our cricket heartthrob Yuvraj Singh too is a mega fan and an admirer or UC browser, check out some amazing Ad campaign from him in the video list below.

Let me know how cricket affected your lifestyle and how you can improve the same using some the smart technology ?

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