Kya Hain Yeh Ek Nayi League?

Heard of or seen these promos of Ek Nayi League by non other than the legendary cricketer Mr. Kapil Dev? If not, here it goes. Visit this site and you can see the promotions from him but its completely no leaks about it whatsoever across the world of internet or offline world except that Mr. Kapil says he will reveal it via his twitter account.

I too put lot of thoughts and trying to decode what exactly it could be which seems to be pretty interesting concept and here are some of my ideas and thoughts about this interesting event or show or league.

Here is one interesting clue which Kapil dev gives in this video below.

What I guess is its some kind of exclusive reality show to all the cricketers, sportsmen, sportswomen out there to participate during their free time and entertain and make some money and give the winning money to some charity or NGO or some organization which helps the needful people. This way, sportsmen and sportswomen out there participate and contribute for good cause to the world meanwhile entertaining the One billion plus Indians and billions of fans across the world. Sounds interesting? I may be completely wrong here, but still trying to guess.

In this below video Kapil dev gives another clue which I am trying to decode.

Mr. Kapil dev tries to bring in Sania Mirza’s and generally the achievements of Women sports persons in India and how they are shining in world, which gives a clue that the league would encourage and give a platform for the budding women sport stars from India to achieve great heights in the sports world. Again, this is simply a try from my end.

Here in the below video Mr. Kapil dev talks about how the sports persons across the world makes hell lot of money, and why not our Indian sports persons couldn’t make much and also talks about how Yuvraj Singh could fetch very good money for himself via Indian Premier League (IPL), and this clue gives me a thought that this Ek Nayi League is definitely something while helps the current and retired players and gives them opportunity to earn some money too.

Lastly the below video gives more interesting thought.

Here Kapil dev talks about bringing in different star sports people to his show , which gives me a thought that its some kind of a TV show which might feature lot of our favourite sports personalities to one place and play a fantasy game with them. Kinda weird guess, but hey! Nothing to lose to try our guess.

If you have any guesses, please do leave in the comments section or on the site itself by filling in a simple form, you may win get a chance to win Rupees 1 Lakh too. Try your luck and win.


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