Staying Together Helps

Today I am going to share a small story of mine in my life about how being together with my close ones I love, respect and adore gave me the strength and motivation which I was badly needed to move on in my life on that particular day.

This happened on my exam results day some fifteen years back when I had flunked in three examination papers of mine due to my health issues when I couldn’t study for my exams and somehow I had attended the exams to see if I can still write the exam and wrote whatever I could recollect on that day. But, on the results day, as expected I was failed in those papers and I was so upset on that day and I even had suicidal intents.  It was my close friends in my college who were there with me for whole day, motivated me, helped me come out of situation by telling positive stories, not to worry too much about the subjects and calmed me and cheered me up to take the exams in next fall so that I can move ahead in life. There did not leave me alone even for one minute and were there with me will they safely took me to house in the evening and handed over to my family. They really gave me strength and motivation to move on with my day. As days passed on, I came back to normal track, and I re-applied for the exams. I joined some part time work till my next exam days and also studied hard this time. On the supplement exams day, I was totally charged and wrote my exams with full confidence. I got very good results in those flunked papers and I cleared all my papers. Later I got the certificate some days after and I was really happy then. If at all my friends were not there with me on that day to help me, motivate me and take me to right direction, the situation would have been worse that day.

So, friends, never let any situation control your mind and take drastic decisions in your life, #staytogether with your friends, family and closed ones when you come across suicidal thoughts and I am sure they will help you come out of any tough situation and help you getting ahead of any bad situation in your life. Always keep trust and optimism in yourself. There is nothing bigger than life and losing it doesn’t help you or your family in any way rather it would cause more upset to your family members.

I hope this short story would also help someone who is online and wants some motivation and optimism too who is going through tough times in his/her life.

By Raj Posted in Misc

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