How I Started A New Life

This is a small write up on a situation when I was indecisive about my next step in my life around nine years back when I was in dilemma to get married or not and how I changed my mind and started a New life. For whatever reason and after seeing so many unsuccessful and unhappy marriages of my friends and colleagues, I had made up my mind that I would ever not marry any girl in my life and live my life as a bachelor. I had seen and heard enough stories from colleagues, relatives etc., on how much dissatisfied with their married life and how much troubles they had to face and do the compromises in their life to lead a married life. Honestly, it was kind of scary feeling about getting married. I was 26 years then and I had good job in hand, no fear about work or leading life, but somehow all those live issues seen via my friends lives, made me paranoid about marriage. I almost waited and wasted more than two years deciding whether to get married or not. Well, the situation in home and my mother’s old age forced me to change my perception about marriage and I finally agreed to get married at the age of 28 due to unavoidable challenges in my family. I did lot of search in different cities and after rejecting many and getting rejected by many, finally could agree to get married to a lovely girl from Mysore. Its kind of love at first sight for both us. We both agreed instantly within a day and told our decisions to marry each other to our families, things moved so fast that within four months of seeing her for the first time, we got married to each other. All processes moved so smoothly that there were no hiccups at all. Both families are so happy too about our marriage. And as expected and as I was being paranoid about marriage itself, nothing horrific happened in our married lives and we did lead a happy married life and there were no major issues in our family apart from petty fights once in a year or so. We were blessed with a lovely baby boy just after 2 years of marriage that completed the full circle of my family. Its my 10th year of marriage this year and still I am happy about my married life and never felt bad about it. Never felt ‘why did I get marry after all’. Thanks to my wife who is such a lovely and understanding lady who came in to my life. So, I don’t think there will be always a mishap in every family out there. My life itself changed my thinking perspective about marriage and I would suggest anybody who approaches me seeking advice to take a chance and get married and Start a new Life. I did come out from my pessimistic thoughts about marriage and optimistically started a new life and I am more than happy with it. So, Guys, don’t wait, go ahead and give a try to your next step of life if you have reached your marriage age and get married. Don’t be paranoid.

By the way, with my wife’s ideas about savings and the way she controlled the unnecessary expenses in our married life, we could save some money and planning to buy a house for us or planning to buy a residential land and construct house on that. I hope the real estate classified sites like housing etc., would helps us getting our dream home without brokerage to agents etc., This below video from housing show how optimism and looking up helps reaching the peak in the field.

By Raj Posted in Misc

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