My Look Up Story

In everyone’s life there are some moments which will fill you with some optimism to achieve something in one’s life. I would like to share one such moment which boosted up my optimism and could achieve something which I was thinking is not possible for me. There was a cyclothon organized by some company couple of years back when I was in dual minds weather to participate in there or not because I was never a cyclist nor an athlete, but somewhere in my mind, I had this little wish to participate in one of such events and I was bit hesitant too when I imagined the tough part which is actual work to do.  There was still couple of weeks for the registration of that event, I read a news about a marathon where a person with aesthetic leg completed the run successfully and got appreciations from all over, that moment hit me hard and triggered the optimism in me which motivated me to register for the Cyclothon and on the D-Day, with lot of effort and tirelessly riding in that event , taking lot of breaks in between,  I could finally complete that 25 KM cycle ride which gave me that sense of a achievement which is priceless.  In our day to day life, we do come across so many live examples who achieve the impossible tasks with little motivation and their optimistic attitude which take them to further heights in their lives. We should just look around and help improving our lives too.  There are many physically disabled children, adults who don’t depend on others for their livelihoods, don’t bet or cheat and earn their breads themselves which are all truly the motivating examples for people who are lazy in their lives and does nothing by wasting their precious amount of times by participating in illegal activities, anti-social activities etc., If people were not optimistic in their lives, there would not be so many research and inventions would have happened in human life which helps us in day to day life and eases their work, effort put in achieving something etc., There would not be any technological advances in today’s life, there wouldn’t be any hi-tech devices floating around in this world which is helping the mankind. We wouldn’t have reached the Moon or dreamt about going to Mars. All is possible due to some people’s optimistic attitude their lives and work. Finally I wind out this little story of mine with a simple quote.. “Be optimistic, be a winner in life” . You follow that and you can achieve anything in life. As someone said, “Nothing is impossible” . If you have true attitude and optimism, even you can fly one day on your own. I came across this amazing campaign from whose vision statement reads “TO HELP THE WORLD LIVE BETTER”  and they are promoting the exact thoughts on the optimism, innovation and helping people to achieve their goals in life to buy a better home for them using their simplistic , yet effective and innovative search mechanism while looking to buy houses which also helps the buyers save money by avoiding the brokers or any middlemen. Do check out their website and the mobile applications which simplifies the house hunt, also they help in getting amazing loan offers from banks too without any hassles.


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