Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

This post is just to let the world know how a  family member of mine has guided and encouraged me to grow into a better, more self-reliant person. Yes, there will be no other than my Mother who single handedly helped us grow after losing my father at young itself, she shown courage, strength and confidence dealing with the obstacles of life and made us stand where we are today. She gave us education by using the paltry pension which she got from my father’s government office and she bought some land the moment she went back to her native after my father’s death and built couple of small mud houses on them so that it would fetch some rent which in turn helped in paying for school fees etc., We were 4 children and she gave education to all of us by borrowing money too from people as and when required. Her motivation, her effort and her helplessness during tough times taught us how to lead life positively, confidently and motivated me also to be self reliant dependable son and today I am in a good company earning handsome salary, married and blessed with a son and leading my life happily with my family and mom with us living under one roof.  If at all my mom had given up after my father’s death and left us to work in garage or some small time works, our life would have still been in struggle and we would have been still trying to survive with paltry earnings and not such a happy life. My mom also invested in some policies which indeed helped during our studies, getting loans etc., She planned our future and helped us grow. I would be a role model to my family and kid too by giving him proper education, plan the savings, insurances in case of liabilities and make sure they don’t suffer like my mom and me during the tough times. Its duty of every parent, family member to think about the future and plan accordingly. No one can predict the consequences in our day to day life and anytime unexpected things might happen to one’s life.  I looked up my past, planned my studies accordingly, got into technical field, worked in small companies, step by step got into bigger companies and today I am totally a self-reliant person and I have enough confidence that I can help out my family in tough times ahead. I have planned and invested in many policies, mutual funds which would help in my son’s future studies.  If every one on this planet plan their lives sanely and live accordingly, they can live their life happily and their families too would be happy.

I stumbled upon this  #MyFamilyMyPride ad film video from HDFC  which is amazing and shows how a father motivates her kid in becoming a better and self reliant person.


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