I HATE Pimples

Today I am gonna write about something that always has these teenagers and even adults stirred up in the gross things on your face and these are called as “Pimples” which will grow more faces on your face on top of  that they are popped all over because they are absolutely retarded and that disgusts me. . I mean imagine this, chin pimple, nose pimple, cheek pimple, forehead pimple etc., its just everywhere and its never gonna give up in just , it will ruin the face no matter what I do. I hate pimples and I have used everything to get rid of pimples and it just doesn’t go away like Pimples are there for life I am pretty sure I have spent thousands of rupees on facial products within my lifetime so far on face stuff like there a stringent , I used  scrubs, I used pore strips , I used scrubs, mass anything . I have tried it and it just never goes away and its the most frustrating in the world because nobody wants to look at pimply face, just like they pretend to like you or love talking to you, but just the conversations happens unwillingly and sometimes just ends with hi hello and bye. They will think in their mind that I am really disgusting and act as if they are not. But they will say and talk in back of your head and then that makes me super self-conscious, then I just lather on the creams to make it up or just try something to make it look OK thinking no one will see, but eventually those makeup’s wear off in some hours. The pimples are most annoying things in anybody’s life. You just cannot attend any meetings confidently, you just cannot get ready without being self-conscious to any party, functions etc., You just cannot have fun with friends and family completely. There is always a little bit fear and self-consciousness clouding your brain. Its just ridiculous and painful. I hope just somebody in there create a product which by just applying , its just gone forever because I am sure it  will sell like a brand new smartphones which are released by companies like Apple. Yes, it will because there are millions of people out there which are suffering with these problems day in and day out of their lives and its pretty annoying.  I was just going through some of the blog posts and reviews at Garnier’s website about this product Pure Active neem . Not sure how much I should believe them or not sure how much this product would help, but I am wiling to try it out these too and let’s see if this is that God send product which will help clearing my pimples like FOREVER.


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