Asus Indiblogger Meet – Go Sleek ASUS Experience

I got an opportunity to attend the first Indiblogger meet of year 2015 sponsored by Asus Brand and here is the brief about the the experiences and takeaway’s from the meet.

As usual like old indiblogger meets, this meet too was organized in a posh hotel in an urban area of Namma Bengaluru. The event was organized at ITC Gardenia which is in the heart of the city, ofcourse reaching there in Bengaluru traffic was little pain, but once you enter the Arena and have couple of drinks, you’ll forget that stress. The stage was well set and there were more than 180 bloggers from different fields were present at the meet, its not just a tech only where some product is showcased and those products demo, some Q&A, dinner or lunch and move out. Additional to all these, there were lot of fun activities like in all indiblogger meets. The event started with rock music with very own Indiband featuring Indi blogger core team. Thanks to amazing host Anoop Zombie and his team from Indiblogger who keep crowd on their toes who had come up with complete plan to entertain crowd, make sure they are not bored and in between, the nicely inserted a product presentation too from Asus Product managers, and people did get chance to play around with couple of Asus All-in-One PC’s and a Asus’ sleeek Eeebook too and share their first impressions and lasting impressions of those devices via tweets.  It was fun to watch people trying out hand gesture feature on Asus All-in-one PC. I tried a bit too, but it needs lot of time and patience to master that and use it to its full potential. The products showcased in the event were decent enough and I did like the sleeeker Asus EEEbook, the model which was there in the demo zone was Asus Eeebook x205TA.

Asus gesture control demo

There was meet and greet sessions, lot of vouchers were given away to bloggers via different quick contests during the event like how much personal things one could get from fellow indibloggers via meet and greet, wittiest tweets with hashtag #GoSleeekASUSExperience , and many other simple Q&A’s too earned some vouchers to different bloggers.

There was some group activities too where entire bloggers at venue were split into 4 teams , and given different secret themes to be performed on stage and spread the word about blogging and how blogging helped their lives etc., via funny and interesting themes.  It was pretty amazing to see that the bloggers could come up with some impromptu stage acts within some 10 to 15 minutes time which was allotted to prepare and present for those themes. It was lovely and entertaining.

Finally, it was dinner . The menu was good and the food is from ITC Gardenia, so no question about quality and taste of food. I am sure all the bloggers enjoyed their food and had sumptuous dinner and took enough rest when during weekend 🙂 Overall, it was a fun evening and it was great to meet so many bloggers at one place again . Would love to attend more such indiblogger events in future too.

Here are some of the snaps taken at the event.

DSC02742 (Large) DSC02743 (Large) DSC02744 (Large) DSC02745 (Large) DSC02747 (Large) DSC02748 (Large) DSC02751 (Large) DSC02752 (Large) DSC02753 (Large) DSC02754 (Large) DSC02755 (Large) DSC02756 (Large) DSC02757 (Large) DSC02758 (Large) DSC02759 (Large)


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