A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home

A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home. Do you agree with me ? If you are a parent and anyone who loves kids would definitely agree with me. Recently my kid fall sick due to gastric and he was in uncontrollable stomach pain, at that moment our entire family members were restless by seeing the way he suffered. We immediately took him to clinic and provided him proper medicines, after 1 hour or so his pain was reduced and he was relaxing and it took almost 2 to 3 days for him to fully recover.  During this one incident, there was lot of flutter in family, lot of restlessness, tension between each other, people couldn’t concentrate on their works properly. I know its a simple gastric issue, but since the parents, elders love their kid so much, that they were too much about worried about them. We used to see him play , laugh with us, fight with us, argue with us, love us which made him the most lovable child in our family. We all always want to see him happy and healthy. When he plays with us, we forget all the tension and stress which might have happened him office, workplace etc., which gives us instant mental relief and we come back to normal situation. We he argues with us with his silly which are intellectual questions and makes us clueless to give a satisfactory and convincing answer to him and internally we are also feeling happy that he could trap us with his intelligence. That moment is priceless.  When he fights for TV remote to watch his favorite cartoon channels, even though we resist him and change the channels, someone we accept our defeat and give it back.  When my child plays with other boys and enjoys the time, we just quietly watch him enjoy and in turn we too feel happy and that takes us back to our childhood too. All this is possible, only if the kid is healthy and energetic always which is directly proportional to the happiness in any family.  So, keep kids healthy most of the time and always, we should give them healthy food, diet, regular nutritional foods which fights and makes them immune to the diseases affecting them. Its really helpful if we can give them Ayurveda based supplements like Dabur Chyawanprash which increases the ability to fight illness by 3 times. This is based on Dabur’s clinical and pre-clinical studies. Since, this contains Ayurvedic ingredients, its safe to be consumed and give to children of all the ages.  This is just a small instance which I wanted to write away via my blog post, and I am sure you would agree with me that a healthy child in a home keeps that family too happy and healthy too.

If you have some stories to share on this topic, please do leave the comment.


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