Honda Amaze Longest Drive Meetup In Bangalore

I had recently gone to Honda Amaze meet-up organized by Honda India on Oct 18th in Bangalore, with around Honda travel enthusiast customers, along with some bloggers, came together to cheer the Honda Amaze’s Longest Drive campaign. To give you a brief background about this campaign, Honda has come up with an excellent campaign, to drive its new Amaze across the length and breadth of our country, and that’s saying something considering how varied India is, in terms of geography, terrains and other topological features. It is exactly what wanderers fantasize about; having one of the smoothest of cars to drive around across our country.

The event started off the with Honda representatives talking about the Amaze Longest Drive campaign. The overall journey is about 23000 KM which will cover 250 cities and towns across India. The journey kicked off on 15th September from Jodhpur. Mr. Bunny Punia from was the lucky person who experienced this entire journey. A slideshow of all the picturesque destinations covered was displayed on the screen and a surge of envy would grip your body as you discover how amazing our country really is, more so while driving the new Honda Amaze! You would want to get your hands on this amazing piece of technology and wander across the country after the slideshow.
The slideshow also highlighted the fact that Honda Amaze is not just a city car, and the videos evidently displayed how effectively it managed to glide across all the rough terrains that came across its way. You can check out their journey here.

It all boiled down to its technological brilliance which provided a comfortable and hassle free ride irrespective of the surface it was travelling on. Couple that with a mileage which is equal, if not better, than most of its counterpart, Honda Amaze, is truly a car built for masses of this country. The event proceeded with some fun interaction with the host who is famously known as RJ Rapid Rashmi for her non-stop talks rapidly as a sort of entertainment for the guests.

By the time I am publishing this article, I learn that Amaze Enters Guinness Book of World Records for the longest drive in a single country by covering 23828 kms. Read more about that here.

You can follow the Amazing Longest journey details, for more pictures, videos etc., by heading onto

Some pictures from the meetup posted here.

rapid rashmi 20141018_133432 20141018_122122 20141018_122115 20141018_122040 20141018_121823


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