Gendercide – The Worstest Evil On The Earth

I happen to watch this below video from Mr. Evan Grae which motivated me to write this blog post.

My blood boils when I hear or read any news about Gendercide. Who on the earth gave rights to a person to kill another human being based on their Gender? What a sick mentality human being who dares to kill an unborn or just born baby?  This is one ridiculous culture which should be eradicated from root.   And I strongly voice against it.

7477021500_9e95135102_zImage source

As per the statistics, there are around 200 million girls are missing from the world due to this deadly thing called ‘Gendercide’. Let’s put a stop to this Menace by educating people , making them understand Women are not liability to the world but they are Precious who contributes/helps more to the world than any man in the world. They are nothing less than any man in the present competitive world and they can help build economy of any country.  Guys, we should basically understand that without women, there will be no men too. Why don’t our people understand this simple psychology ?

Read through some of the articles on web below which gives more details picture of Gendercide with clear statistics etc.,

Gendercide –

The worldwide war on baby girls –

Lets take a oath on not to kill any child in the name of Gendercide and end Gendercide.

End Gendercide Manifesto. Please visit here and Please take a minute to hit the Facebook “share” button on the link below and re-post the manifesto to your personal Facebook wall, as well as your organization’s.

EndGendercideManifestoWatch this short movie called “itsagirl” from Evan Grae here.

On the side note, there are many burning issues too in this world. Kudos to Franklin Templeton Investments who are spreading the word against them and making the world a better place to live. Check out IdeaCaravan from Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012, watch the videos on different big issues out there and also raise your voices against them, support them.

Thanks for reading. Leave your comments/suggestions you may have.


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