OriginalCopy or FakeCopy


It was that time again in Indiblogger family where we meet awesome bloggers across country via Indiblogger meets and this time it was in Bangalore at JP Celestial Hotel on 20th Jan 2013. I am glad to be the part of the meet where there were around 175 to 200 bloggers accumulated in one place. This event was organized by Indiblogger in association with HP India and Harper Collins who were gracious enough to sponsor the event and topping the event with loads of prizes and goodies for the Indiblogger members. HP emphasized on the use of original products and the advantages of using the original accessories and stationery for their printers . They took creative views of bloggers too on that matter. Lot of entertaining activities from Indiblogger was in the place for bloggers.  Indi Core member Anoop did a great job in MC’ing the event and kudos to all the volunteers and Indi core members for a successful and enthralling event.  There were lot of fun games, meme acts, Original wacky poses from Indibloggers, lot of winnings, takeaways, amazing snacks, drinks etc., added more spice to the event.  The Complete event pictures are available here and amazing pictures clicked by Kaveer who is a photo blogger at Washed Window.  Do check out the amazing time we spent.  This indiblogger meet had all the standard agenda like any other legacy indiblogger meets like 30 seconds of fame, introduction of bloggers to each other by hanging around a drawing sheet on their necks, some fun moments etc., this time added with some QR code activity where in one had to scan some broke quotes on the sheets of different sheets and find the complete quote which would be available on different persons sheets. Was a fun activity and many succeeded in winning some goodies too.


While wrapping up the event, HP India has sought the feedback on what we bloggers think about OriginalCopy vs FakeCopy and requested us to share our thoughts via our blogs and 5 best entries would be chosen and given away with the Inkjet printers as prize.  So, here is my attempt to the same.  For a change, I have created an animated video for the same, watch till end and share your thoughts.



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