We Don’t Need A Reason

We Don’t Need A Reason!

Yes, that’s what a BIKER is made of. He doesn’t need a Reason for Going for a RIDE which he craves for.  He don’t need an occasion or a vacation to go for a Ride. He is the one who can just get ready instantaneously with his biking gears on and move on for a Long ride without thinking a moment too.  And to facilitate that , the bikers have some wonderful online forums like Bikenomads , xBhp etc., in order to enjoy their ride with a group of bikers who shares the same thoughts and like-minded.  And a BIKER’S code is ‘Just Ride’ and It should be always.  You don’t need a reason to enjoy your biking. We may go on for a long ride for a silly reasons too which you’ll laugh out if you hear them.

I would like to share couple of instances where I along with some biker friends went for the Rides in the past just like that.

Masala Dosa G2G:  Yes, that’s one of the Ride which started with a casual discussion on a Forum and boom, the next day bunch of 10 to 12 people started towards Kanakapura Just for eating a Masala Dosa at a very famous local hotel called ‘Vasu Hotel’ which makes a mouth watering Masala Dosas. Its not an hi-fi hotel, its just a normal man’s hotel which is in Kanakapura. This discussion started while someone said, there is an hotel which makes awesome dosas and there we decided to try out and within no time 10 to 12 people confirmed for the Get-together and we started the ride to Kanakapura next day early morning and reached the Place in no time, then hogged Dosas like there was no tomorrow and went to a empty road and started our another biker code, that is Stunts, Wheelies and Stoppies to show off their Stunt Skills. That was one awesome Ride and we did that ride Just like that and had an amazing times.

The Next one was the same kind of the ride which took us towards the famous Kamath hotel on Mysore road where Idli is very famous and Tasty. We went for a long Ride Just to eat Idli .  This is also the same scene as Masala Dosa GTG where the ride happened Just like that and the reason was to eat Idli :) since we heard that the Idli is very tasty and we decided to Ride towards that destination.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures saved in my hard disk and even its there, scattered somewhere in the HDD. These rides were done long back in 2004, 2005 and 2006 range.

The Next instance which I want to write about is a shor ride which turned a long ride.

One night, I Got a call from one of the bike nomad member at around 10:30 PM to make up a short ride to Skandagiri/or Kalavarahalli Betta near Nandi hills. While we were stopped for PitStop, suddenly a plan splashed in mind, why not ride to Belum??? anyways Some other bikers also were about to reach. Those bikers was planning a mega ride along with some biker forums like Madbulls, Wanderers, etc., Once we caught up with other guys, after some discussions, we all decided to go to Belum, but couple of the bikers with us couldn’t convice their wives and girlfriend  to go to Belum and they decided not to continue to Belum. Then myself and another biker Ashok decided to move to Belum. At the entrance of Nandi hills road, we stopped for Breakfast (road side idli hotel on Maruti OMNI) and after having Breakfast, we parted  , myself and Ashok moved toward Belum at 10:00 AM and other 3 guys moved towards Skandagiri. Absolutely no plan or idea to go Belum, no preparations, no extra clothes. We decided to Move. First of all, not carried enough money, a biker friend  lend us 1500/- for petrol and expenses and we started. After reaching Belum caves, we met with other biker friends from Different biker groups we discussed for some minutes and myself/Ashok went to see the caves inside. Spent time till 6:30 inside the caves.. Night booze, dinner etc., camp fire etc.,  Slept in Tents and those were one of the awesome times I spent.  Met so many like minded bikers from different parts of India and enjoyed the good times.

Total distance covered: 660 KMs approx..
340 on way up  and 320 on return .

We had planned total 140 kms ride, turned out 660 kms ride

Below are some pictures taken during the ride. Hope you like them.


DSC_1154 (Large)



DSC_1142 (Large)


DSC_1169 (Large)








DSC_1269 (Large)



DSC_1308 (Large)

In the same ways we went for many rides just for Coffee too in some cases and Just to have fun ride.  So, our biker code is ‘JUST RIDE’ and ‘We Don’t Need A Reason”.

To Sum up and to answer what defines me as an Indian Biker,  As an Indian Biker, we don’t need any reasons to go for a ride and we don’t need to make huge plans or need any sponsors to go for a Ride, If we decide to go for a ride, we JUST DO IT!  All we enjoy is the great pleasure which our ride gives us and the cool breeze which hits us while we are vrooooming on highways and the country roads. We enjoy it when the villagers and kids waves at us and when they Indicate our Headlights are ON while we pass through the villages, almost all the people who sees us in the Village roads indicates about this and we give a nice smile and wave at us saying its OK.  We try out the yummy food at Highway Dhabas and enjoy food at small places in villages too.  On the whole, these Rides are the ones which gives us life time experience which any travel won’t give us. We Love to Ride, We Live to Ride and We are called ‘BIKERS’.

I would like to share some pictures from my Biker friends too on how we group up for pictures, how we line-up our bikes and how we enjoy.

This post was written for Indiblogger’s “The Castrol Power1 Blogging Contest” in association with Castrol Biking India.

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3 comments on “We Don’t Need A Reason

  1. @TheDeadlyBrain Seems visiting your blog after a loooong time! Refreshed! :)
    G2G is for Get toGether isn’t it? Well, it’s really loveable to start for an 160kms ride and do 660 :)

  2. Hey,

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    We know that your blog is a great platform to connect with a lot of ardent bikers who follow it dedicatedly and it would be fantastic if you could help us spread the message about this thrilling chance. The passion of your blogs is a definite reflection of your love for the wheels and we know that you’re also pumped at the idea of this road trip. So do submit some of your great stories and you may just find yourself kicking the side stand after all.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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