Indibloggers meet @ Bangalore on Jan 10-1-10 @ PotLuck restaurant

Indibloggers meet @ Bangalore on Jan 10-1-10 @ PotLuck restaurant

It was really nice to meet so many experienced bloggers at #bangaloreindibloggersmeet on 10/1/2010 at @POTLUCKVEG restaurant whose owner is Mr. BK Birla. Thanks and appreciate for his kind offer, hot pakodas and Tea for this meet. Got so many nice info today from indibloggers regarding blogging, SEO, IndiRankings, Google Rankings etc.,

Bloggers/Twitters who attended this meet are Vijay Raj, Bhavya , SriHarsha, Phaniraj, Anand, Vijay Rayapati, Karthik , Harish Thota, Raghavendra Satish , Naveen Roy, Sanjeev, Mohineesh, Mohan BN, Hitesh, Diana, Anoop, Deepak and Jeet. I’d love to join many more meets like this. Last but not the least, thanks to @indiblogger for organizing this meet . Below are the photos of the bloggers who had attended the meet. They are introducing themselves and giving a brief about their blog and their blogging.

Mr. BK Birla (ever smiling)

Vijay Raj (Mr. Geek)

Bhavya S



Anand Bala (Middle one)

Vijay Rayapati popularly known as Amnigos

Mr. Karthik (Indiblogger core member)

Harish popular as dhempe

Raghavendra Satish

Naveen Roy (An Avid Biker)

Sanjeev (Middle one)

Mohineesh (Middle who is explaning)

Mohan BN (Middle who is in white shirt)

Hitesh Rawat (Movie Buff)

Diana (Indiblogger core member)

Mr. Anoop Johnson (Zombie, Indiblogger core member)

Harsha Chittar (Mr. Smiling)

Deepak (Popular as Tweepak on twitter)

Shayon Pall (Very Jovial and enthusiastic)

Prasenjit Banik (who is ready to help always)

And that’s me Rajashekar

Some Fun moments from Shayon

Spell check nahi kiya kya ? 🙂

Blogger’s busy discussing

Good listeners

Some more

Some more

All busy discussing

Nice crowd !

Some more

Hot Pokoda served (Thx Mr. Birla)

Yummy !!

A very short video

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13 comments on “Indibloggers meet @ Bangalore on Jan 10-1-10 @ PotLuck restaurant

  1. Thanks everybody for coming over and thanks Raj for great coverage. Reminded me of college days where we always looked up to somebody who could make good notes in classes so that people like me could survive 🙂

  2. @Anoop: Haha :)@Zeon, Navin Thanks guys. I look forward to meet you all again too. Hitesh: Thanks, you can use these pictures anywhere. 🙂 Yes, I'm bad at photography…. I think you always closed your eyes when I was clicking.@ Birla : hahahahah 🙂 @Vineetha: Yes, make it for next time.

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