After long time

Its long time since I updated anything to my blog. Last update was about Chotu’s turnover in march, he has come long way now by passing crawling, sitting , and standing on his own with little support from furniture or anything little support which he gets.. Below are some snaps in the collage He is now 11 month 21 days, we are very excited for his upcoming birthday.. He tries to talk now, does lot of naughty activities, its just fun to be with him and we don’t know how time gets passed when he is around. Right now, he is in mysore at his Grandma’s house since a week, I’m missing him so much, will go to Mysore tonight or tomorrow to see, and hug my cutie pie 🙂 I’m very excited. Thats it for now, Nov 12th is his Birthday and we are planning for a small function at home.. More updates to follow later… Take care and Enjoy !!

By Raj Posted in Misc

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