Ride to Mysore on Dio – Completed

Ride to Mysore completed by 2 PM today. It was a tiring,lazy and boring ride , since I had to limit the speed within 50 km/hr coz scooter is new and it had complete running in. Took some breaks for nariyal paani etc.,. Not much back pain as I was . Handling Dio was good. Liked the smooth flow of new Dio.

On the way, dropped 4 school students (2 x 2 times, 2 villages) to their Village roads. Good to see the joy on chaps faces when agreed to their requests and dropped them to their places.

Reached home at around 2:30 PM, played with Chotu for sometime πŸ™‚ Slept for ah hour and in evening took Scooter to my Uncle's home and hande over to my Cousin.

Overall was a tiring day. Ready to hit bed now. I hope today its night shift for me with Chotu πŸ™‚ if he wakes up all the night.

Have a great weekend Guys.

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By Raj Posted in Rides

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