Renault Kwid First Impressions

Renault India unveiled their new compact hatchback Renault KWID in India and its available for booking starting September 15th 2015 via their website as well as exclusive Apps available for the smartphones. The KWID is going to directly compete with small cars in India especially with Maruti Suzuki which is a leader in Indian market. Renault after their successful Duster in India market looking to hold a very good market in small car segment too and with very competitive price. The Renault Kwid will comes with an attractive styling led by its unique SUV design cues, Innovative and segment-leading technology, superior driving dynamics and optimal fuel efficiency, offered at an affordable price between 3 to 4 lakhs, enabling an outstanding value proposition.

IMG_20150912_094941Renault KWID is the first Alliance model to use the all-new international CMF-A platform and 3 cylinder 0.8 litre SCe – Smart Control Efficiency petrol engine created to achieve the ambitions and goals of the Alliance. Design and Engineering teams of Renault India were significant contributors to the development of this global car which will be first manufactured in the Alliance Chennai plant.

Some of the important features of Renault KWID include SUV inspired design, 7 inch touchscreen Media Nav system, digital Instrument cluster, one-touch lane change indicator, radio speed dependent volume control

Best-in-class features: Fuel efficiency of 25.17 km per litre*, ground clearance of 180 mm, boot capacity of 300 litres, rear knee room of 116 mm, multiple storage space, upper sized body dimensions, roomy interior space, service parts maintenance cost, ride & handling quality.

Big Car Styling: Renault KWID boasts of an ensemble of the best features that embellish its style statement – these include best-in-class exterior dimensions for a big car feel and incredible interior space, class leading wheelbase of 2422 mm. Renault KWID has the best-in-class boot space of 300 litres, extendable to 1115 litres, which offers superb flexibility & convenience.

Technological Evolution in KWID:
•    Bluetooth Connectivity – Hands-free phone & audio streaming
•    Satellite Navigation – 2D/3D view with one year free map update
•    iPhone and iPod™ operations – Charging through USB, Audio content display and navigation of iPod™ through MediaNAV
•    USB, AUX-IN, SDVC – Audio playback through flash drive & phone and Speed Dependent Volume Control
•    The digital instrument cluster features an onboard digital trip computer that highlights gear shift indicator, distance to empty average fuel consumption, etc.
•    Driver aid Equipment – One touch lane change indicator, intermittent windscreen wiper with tear drop wipe.

Renault KWID will be best-in-class in maintenance part costs due to aggressive localization and optimization which will positively impact the overall ownership cost, including a 50,000 km/2 Year Maintenance Policy, extendable up to 80,000 km/ 4 years. Renault will also offer complementary Road Side Assistance for 2 years.

Apart from all the above excellent features, Renault KWID will come with a tempting array of design, trim and technological accessories that will allow customers to personalize their car. An exciting range of accessories across 60 categories have been developed along with an interesting set of lifestyle decals. In addition 6 accessory packs – Basic pack, Essential pack, Smart Chrome pack, Intense Chrome pack, Luxury pack and Outdoor pack will also be available. Check out more details here.

First Impressions: I got an opportunity to drive this beauty during an event organized by Renault and here are my first impressions about this car.

Exterior Design: The first look at the car gives a wow feeling and its definitely an eye turner when on road with its SUV look and the excellent design. Though its a compact car, but has a large car look. The car is beautifully designed to appease Indian customers and it can give a tough competition to the other cars in this segment.

IMG_20150912_082637Interiors: The Kwid’s interiors are pretty decent and comes with top-class seats and interior looks. Lot of leg space and we can freely move the leg even in the rear seat, we never felt uncomfortable during our entire 80 kms stretch drive. The black, red and grey fabric of the ergo smart cabin gives a sport feel. The chunky steering wheel provides an enhanced grip while the 4-way adjustable driver seat gives the most ideal driving position. The audio system inside the car was pretty decent, but at full volume, it kinda screams oddly. Probably we need to upgrade with better quality woofers. The digital navigation system comprising a 7″ Lcd Display is pretty useful and handy when it comes for the drive and for entertainment. It has bluetooth connectivity which syncs up with your smartphone or any bluetooth device effortlessly using which one can make calls etc., Also, USB port is a big plus to plug in your music. Only thing which we observed in the navigation system, is the distances when compared between the Google maps and the inbuilt maps varied quite a bit to the same distance via same route. Not sure if any fixes are yet to be done for the firmware of this device. The Google map was pretty accurate with the kilometers when we did side by side comparison, nevertheless, the directions were correct and we reaching the destination properly even though there was slight error in the kilometers shown.

IMG_20150912_100541 IMG_20150912_101236 IMG_20150912_084624IMG_20150912_101034Engine and Transmission: The Renault Kwid comes with a brand new 800 cc, 3 cylinder petrol motor which offers 53 bhp of max power and 72Nm of peak torque. The gear shifting was smooth and we could drive the car effortlessly even in slopes and also in the bumpy roads.

IMG_20150912_104922Fuel Efficiency: As we mentioned earlier in this post, Renault claims fuel efficiency of 25.17 km during their testing and also it makes the most fuel efficient car in India.

Performance & Safety: The Renault KWID is powered by a brand new, state-of-the-art compact engine with advanced technology for accurate air to fuel ration monitoring. The suspension system of the Kwid is calibrated for optimum ride handling and braking, providing a safe comfortable drive. The high ground clearance of 180mm allows to take on any challenge with ease. When it comes to safety, there is no compromises either. The Renault Kwid comes equipped with a drive side airbag and central locking system. The front disc brakes ensures we are equipped for all weather conditions and surfaces, and the high mount stop lamp and audible parking brake warning let us to be at complete peace of mind in our entire journey.

Colors & Trims: Renault Kwid will be available in 5 beautiful colors – Outback Bronze, Moonlight Silver, Planet Grey, Ice Cool White, and Fiery Red. I definitely liked the Fiery Red color car, but others look pretty good too and its upto individuals to decide on their favorite color.  It will carry 4 trim levels including STD, RXE, RXL and RXT.

Conclusion: Overall, I totally liked the car and the features it offers at an affordable price. The main pros being the design of the car and the fuel efficiency and there is nothing much to complain about this car except some minor errors in the navigation system and could have come up with better speakers/woofers.

Some Pictures:

IMG_20150912_082656 IMG_20150912_082810  IMG_20150912_094312 IMG_20150912_094319 IMG_20150912_094328 IMG_20150912_094836 IMG_20150912_094900 IMG_20150912_094907 IMG_20150912_094916 IMG_20150912_094930 IMG_20150912_094935 IMG_20150912_094948 IMG_20150912_095005 IMG_20150912_100746 IMG_20150912_100938   IMG_20150912_104211 IMG_20150912_104757 IMG_20150912_111254 IMG_20150912_112110IMG_20150912_104149Conclusion: Overall, I totally liked the car and the features it offers at an affordable price. The main pros being the design of the car and the fuel efficiency and there is nothing much to complain about this car except some minor errors in the navigation system and could have come up with better speakers/woofers.



How I Can Utilize A Fastest Internet Connection?

In this fast moving world of Internet, who really wants to live their online life with the crawling download and upload speed via their current ISP’s who provide pathetic service as well as charge hefty monthly bills? How good it would be if we get a connection and speed which satisfies us and justifies the bills which we pay month after month? Thanks to Airtel and their 4G connection which I think is a life saver and work as per our expectations and satisfaction. If you are not aware, they recently launched across 296 cities in India. Initially it was available in just some select metro and big cities. Right now, I have a 4G connection on my mobile which gives pretty good download speed and its pretty stable too. With the unbelievable speed which Airtel 4G offers, there are many things which I can perform and make things go smoother during my day to day internet life. How many of you are frustrated by seeing the buffering screens when they want to watch any show or video on Youtube ? How many times we have closed the screens with frustration and stopped watching what we wanted to watch? with high speeds offered by Airtel, that will be history and I can watch the high quality video without a glitch now and also don’t have to use offline mode to watch videos effortlessly. With high speed 4G connection, I can scroll down my twitter and Facebook feeds seamlessly and watch the videos too on the social media without any strain. With 4G connection, I don’t have to shell out money in theaters too and watch full HD quality movies online itself via Youtube, Digital TV’s and may more online video content providers which are available out there. We can upload our pictures, videos etc., to our social media channels right from where we are and don’t have to run to office or place where there is a fast internet or leased line connection. Also, these days storing the pictures and videos on cloud is so easy and secure too. With the fast 4G connection, I can store and retrieve the content on the cloud very easily and fastly. With fast 4G connection, its really a welcome gift to bloggers like me who can do the live blogging, video blogging etc., from the different places I visit. Also, if required even I can do the live streaming to my audience right from the event place which is very welcoming to the readers and followers of my blog and social media. If I keep on writing, there will be many hundreds of uses and advantages in having a fastest internet connection like Airtel 4G with you all the time. These are some of the scenarios which came on top of my mind where I can use the fastest connection under my hood. Do share in the comments section on what will do with these unbelievable speeds under your hood?

Tizen Developer Summit 2015 in Bangalore

A technical event for application and platform developers who are willing to learn more about Tizen which is a open platform that powers a wide range of smart devices which includes the Samsung Z1 smartphone too. This conference will feature some amazing technical content for App developers, platform designers, ISVs, OEMs, hardware vendors, software vendors, open source enthusiasts and anyone who wants to learn what is Tizen and how it functions.


Tizen is a game changer as it is open source and provides an excellent experience for both native and HTML5 application developers. Programmers acquainted with web programming or C can develop cost effective applications in a short time with Tizen. In addition, popular development frameworks such as Unity3D and Cocos2d-x can be used to rapidly deploy applications into the Tizen Store.

Tizen was designed to be efficient and scalable, and to be used for virtually any type of device with a screen and a network connection. Platform developers who are building embedded devices are encouraged to use Tizen as a base platform, and take advantage of years of engineering and tuning.

Tizen Developer Summit offers an excellent opportunity to learn from the core Tizen developers and understand the technology behind the Tizen platform, App development and porting, and monetization through the Tizen Store. Tizen events are the best way to interact with the companies and developers working within the Tizen ecosystem.

Tizen Developer Summit 2015 shall be one of the largest, info-packed, practical technical conference in the region.

Tizen Developer Summit 2015 is happening in The Ritz-Carlton which is one of the newest 5 Star hotels in Bangalore on July 30th and 31st. Do check out and register for the same here.

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Healthy Diet or Crash Diet? You Decide.

Today I am going to share my views about benefits of healthy diet and the way we nutritionally compromise through the crash diets.

In this fast and mechanical world, its really tough for a person who works in metro cities to maintain a healthy lifestyle by the way of regular exercises, walking or jogging. Because of which we compromise on our health and do not concentrate on the body and physique leading to obesity and lot other health issues due to non-active life style of ours.  We have to set things right by at least by walking for some 30 minutes everyday and try to cut short on the food intake and maintain body to mass ratio so that we feel energetic and healthy. For that many people take the wrong way of crash diet and try to reduce their flab leading to lot of other health issues due to the crash diet. Leading professors in the field of medical science opposes the crash diets and suggest that it may harm your heart. For decades, experts have opinions that crash diets can be dangerous and may cause sudden deaths too. Actually crash diets works in reverse order when you suddenly stop eating less, the body goes into starving mode and rebels to protect its set fat point by lowering the body’s metabolism and turns into fat storage mode than fat burning. When you start eating normally again after the crash diet period, you gain weight back faster.

So, its better to follow the healthy diet on day to day basis and live healthy and happy life. Best way to start a healthy diet is starting your day with a glass of luke worm water mixed with a good quality honey , for ex: Dabur honey etc., Thankfully brands like Dabur has come up with Honey Diets too which you can follow on day to day basis to keep your metabolism up and running. Do check out their amazing honey based recipes too which would definitely help. Along with the healthy diet, some amount of walking or light exercises would definitely take you to long way of a happy and healthy life.  Ultimately, its our body and we must take care of ourselves. We must take out time from our busy schedules and look out our body and mind. This will keep you healthy, energetic all through the day and the person may not get frustrated or agitated too for simple reasons with his family, friends or anybody.

Just try to cut short on the junk food like burgers, Gobi Manchuris, deep fried food etc., and start eating healthy food like Salads, low-calorie food, fruits, juices etc., to keep yourself hungry free and also stay healthy.

Now, the question is would you choose Healthy Diet and stay happy forever or choose Crash Diet and stay happy temporarily? You decide.

Share your experiences, advices etc., too in the comments section so that it will benefit the fellow blog readers.

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Love For Cricket?

There are some things in everyone’s life which you absolutely love it and cannot part with it whatsoever the situation is or whatsoever time it is and one of such thing is Cricket especially if you are an Indian and there you can rarely hear someone hating cricket in India. Out of 1.2 billion people in India, at least 80% of Indian people would love cricket and would die to watch the matches and that too especially if our Indian team is playing whether its locally or internationally. I have seen some people even taking credit to watch the cricket matches live in Stadium. There are some mad fans who travel to the places wherever it takes.  So, when we have so much love for cricket, its obvious that we miss out some important events in our life and some invaluable time which we may have to spend with our family and friends. Instead of which we spend time watching the matches on Television or Live.

30marcbmsp2_cricket_516806e                                                                                    Image source

cricket-with-friends                                                                                     Image source

We don’t speak to our family members or friends when we deeply watching any match and irritate them to core when they talk to us and we ignore them.  We sometimes even get frustrated when they disturb. But, we can avoid the embarrassing situations and frustrations among family and friends and still enjoy cricket right ? In this fast moving world when there is smartphones in everyone’s hand, why don’t we utilize the same and still enjoy the cricket as well as spend some quality time with our family and friends ? There are many applications and browsers such as UC Browser which gives faster downloads and faster refresh rate on the cricket sites as well as they have dedicated features like UC cricket which makes your life easy and you can watch the live score boards, match results etc., while on move and still enjoy the company with your friends and family.  The UC cricket option in the UC browser gives all the news in cricketing world, lists out the current live matches which are going on, and it will list out the upcoming match details too whether they are international matches or domestic matches.  Also, one can watch the amazing pictures from the cricketing world, watch the cricketing stars speaking and watch the videos and clips of the matches highlights like wickets, fours or sixes. UC browser has definitely understood the nerves of an Indian cricket fan and come up with amazing features on their browser which is embedded inside it. Along with UC Cricket there are lot of options available in UC browser using which one don’t have to install multiple applications on their device for booking the ticket ,selling their items, shopping online, browse their social media profiles, and enjoy the videos, pictures, music etc., Its the one stop shop for all the things which you need on your mobile.  Our cricket heartthrob Yuvraj Singh too is a mega fan and an admirer or UC browser, check out some amazing Ad campaign from him in the video list below.

Let me know how cricket affected your lifestyle and how you can improve the same using some the smart technology ?

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