My Happy Baby

This is a short write up about the things which made my baby happy then when he was just born and grown up being a naughty fellow at the age of 6 years.  The list is big, but I’ll write about some here.

Firstly, my kid was really fancied and become happy whenever there is a Television AD playing on TV. He would keep staring at the ADs and enjoy it fully. Whenever we want to make him quiet, just switching to a channel which playing ADs would make him quiet. Its kinda funny, but that really worked. Of course, TV Ads were annoying to us, but which parents would not love to stop their kids crying? So, we compromised with it.

As time flew when he become 1 to 2 years of age, he started liking to play on the baby cycle and he used to play at least 1 to 2 hours a day on it. We still have that cycle in Attic which will be there with us forever as remembrance.

The next thing which would really make him happy is when we take him to park and make him play in swing, he absolutely loved it and he was so happy . Thankfully , there are couple of parks around our house which really helped us and we used to go every day to park so that he can play and be happy. Its total time pass for him as well as my wife and mother.  The only problem we use to face during those times is not having proper diapers for him which would make him wet and uncomfortable when we take him outside for playing and he used to start crying just after sometimes.  We always wished about some diaper company which would you know keep it dry inside too.

Thankfully,  I guess Pampers has come up with Baby dry pants which promises dryness for babies even inside. They claim that its Magic Gel locks in moisture so that baby’s skin remains dry and healthy for up-to 12 hours.  I am sure this will help our future baby if at all we plan for one  :)

To add to the list of things which would make my baby is jumping on bed, dancing to the tune of Ads, songs coming in TV, playing in water, splashing water on everyone of us etc., kept us busy as well when we return back to home after a tiring day.

For every parent, keeping her baby happy, seeing him or her smiling, laughing , playing with them happily all the time is the only main wish which they would have to enjoy their parent hood and for achieving that whichever tools and solutions they use or available would be really helpful and they wouldn’t mind spending more time and money on any of them.  More than anything in the world, our baby’s happiness and joy would be the greatest gift for any family or parents.

My Look Up Story

In everyone’s life there are some moments which will fill you with some optimism to achieve something in one’s life. I would like to share one such moment which boosted up my optimism and could achieve something which I was thinking is not possible for me. There was a cyclothon organized by some company couple of years back when I was in dual minds weather to participate in there or not because I was never a cyclist nor an athlete, but somewhere in my mind, I had this little wish to participate in one of such events and I was bit hesitant too when I imagined the tough part which is actual work to do.  There was still couple of weeks for the registration of that event, I read a news about a marathon where a person with aesthetic leg completed the run successfully and got appreciations from all over, that moment hit me hard and triggered the optimism in me which motivated me to register for the Cyclothon and on the D-Day, with lot of effort and tirelessly riding in that event , taking lot of breaks in between,  I could finally complete that 25 KM cycle ride which gave me that sense of a achievement which is priceless.  In our day to day life, we do come across so many live examples who achieve the impossible tasks with little motivation and their optimistic attitude which take them to further heights in their lives. We should just look around and help improving our lives too.  There are many physically disabled children, adults who don’t depend on others for their livelihoods, don’t bet or cheat and earn their breads themselves which are all truly the motivating examples for people who are lazy in their lives and does nothing by wasting their precious amount of times by participating in illegal activities, anti-social activities etc., If people were not optimistic in their lives, there would not be so many research and inventions would have happened in human life which helps us in day to day life and eases their work, effort put in achieving something etc., There would not be any technological advances in today’s life, there wouldn’t be any hi-tech devices floating around in this world which is helping the mankind. We wouldn’t have reached the Moon or dreamt about going to Mars. All is possible due to some people’s optimistic attitude their lives and work. Finally I wind out this little story of mine with a simple quote.. “Be optimistic, be a winner in life” . You follow that and you can achieve anything in life. As someone said, “Nothing is impossible” . If you have true attitude and optimism, even you can fly one day on your own. I came across this amazing campaign from whose vision statement reads “TO HELP THE WORLD LIVE BETTER”  and they are promoting the exact thoughts on the optimism, innovation and helping people to achieve their goals in life to buy a better home for them using their simplistic , yet effective and innovative search mechanism while looking to buy houses which also helps the buyers save money by avoiding the brokers or any middlemen. Do check out their website and the mobile applications which simplifies the house hunt, also they help in getting amazing loan offers from banks too without any hassles.

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

This post is just to let the world know how a  family member of mine has guided and encouraged me to grow into a better, more self-reliant person. Yes, there will be no other than my Mother who single handedly helped us grow after losing my father at young itself, she shown courage, strength and confidence dealing with the obstacles of life and made us stand where we are today. She gave us education by using the paltry pension which she got from my father’s government office and she bought some land the moment she went back to her native after my father’s death and built couple of small mud houses on them so that it would fetch some rent which in turn helped in paying for school fees etc., We were 4 children and she gave education to all of us by borrowing money too from people as and when required. Her motivation, her effort and her helplessness during tough times taught us how to lead life positively, confidently and motivated me also to be self reliant dependable son and today I am in a good company earning handsome salary, married and blessed with a son and leading my life happily with my family and mom with us living under one roof.  If at all my mom had given up after my father’s death and left us to work in garage or some small time works, our life would have still been in struggle and we would have been still trying to survive with paltry earnings and not such a happy life. My mom also invested in some policies which indeed helped during our studies, getting loans etc., She planned our future and helped us grow. I would be a role model to my family and kid too by giving him proper education, plan the savings, insurances in case of liabilities and make sure they don’t suffer like my mom and me during the tough times. Its duty of every parent, family member to think about the future and plan accordingly. No one can predict the consequences in our day to day life and anytime unexpected things might happen to one’s life.  I looked up my past, planned my studies accordingly, got into technical field, worked in small companies, step by step got into bigger companies and today I am totally a self-reliant person and I have enough confidence that I can help out my family in tough times ahead. I have planned and invested in many policies, mutual funds which would help in my son’s future studies.  If every one on this planet plan their lives sanely and live accordingly, they can live their life happily and their families too would be happy.

I stumbled upon this  #MyFamilyMyPride ad film video from HDFC  which is amazing and shows how a father motivates her kid in becoming a better and self reliant person.

Asus Indiblogger Meet – Go Sleek ASUS Experience

I got an opportunity to attend the first Indiblogger meet of year 2015 sponsored by Asus Brand and here is the brief about the the experiences and takeaway’s from the meet.

As usual like old indiblogger meets, this meet too was organized in a posh hotel in an urban area of Namma Bengaluru. The event was organized at ITC Gardenia which is in the heart of the city, ofcourse reaching there in Bengaluru traffic was little pain, but once you enter the Arena and have couple of drinks, you’ll forget that stress. The stage was well set and there were more than 180 bloggers from different fields were present at the meet, its not just a tech only where some product is showcased and those products demo, some Q&A, dinner or lunch and move out. Additional to all these, there were lot of fun activities like in all indiblogger meets. The event started with rock music with very own Indiband featuring Indi blogger core team. Thanks to amazing host Anoop Zombie and his team from Indiblogger who keep crowd on their toes who had come up with complete plan to entertain crowd, make sure they are not bored and in between, the nicely inserted a product presentation too from Asus Product managers, and people did get chance to play around with couple of Asus All-in-One PC’s and a Asus’ sleeek Eeebook too and share their first impressions and lasting impressions of those devices via tweets.  It was fun to watch people trying out hand gesture feature on Asus All-in-one PC. I tried a bit too, but it needs lot of time and patience to master that and use it to its full potential. The products showcased in the event were decent enough and I did like the sleeeker Asus EEEbook, the model which was there in the demo zone was Asus Eeebook x205TA.

Asus gesture control demo

There was meet and greet sessions, lot of vouchers were given away to bloggers via different quick contests during the event like how much personal things one could get from fellow indibloggers via meet and greet, wittiest tweets with hashtag #GoSleeekASUSExperience , and many other simple Q&A’s too earned some vouchers to different bloggers.

There was some group activities too where entire bloggers at venue were split into 4 teams , and given different secret themes to be performed on stage and spread the word about blogging and how blogging helped their lives etc., via funny and interesting themes.  It was pretty amazing to see that the bloggers could come up with some impromptu stage acts within some 10 to 15 minutes time which was allotted to prepare and present for those themes. It was lovely and entertaining.

Finally, it was dinner . The menu was good and the food is from ITC Gardenia, so no question about quality and taste of food. I am sure all the bloggers enjoyed their food and had sumptuous dinner and took enough rest when during weekend :) Overall, it was a fun evening and it was great to meet so many bloggers at one place again . Would love to attend more such indiblogger events in future too.

Here are some of the snaps taken at the event.

DSC02742 (Large) DSC02743 (Large) DSC02744 (Large) DSC02745 (Large) DSC02747 (Large) DSC02748 (Large) DSC02751 (Large) DSC02752 (Large) DSC02753 (Large) DSC02754 (Large) DSC02755 (Large) DSC02756 (Large) DSC02757 (Large) DSC02758 (Large) DSC02759 (Large)

I HATE Pimples

Today I am gonna write about something that always has these teenagers and even adults stirred up in the gross things on your face and these are called as “Pimples” which will grow more faces on your face on top of  that they are popped all over because they are absolutely retarded and that disgusts me. . I mean imagine this, chin pimple, nose pimple, cheek pimple, forehead pimple etc., its just everywhere and its never gonna give up in just , it will ruin the face no matter what I do. I hate pimples and I have used everything to get rid of pimples and it just doesn’t go away like Pimples are there for life I am pretty sure I have spent thousands of rupees on facial products within my lifetime so far on face stuff like there a stringent , I used  scrubs, I used pore strips , I used scrubs, mass anything . I have tried it and it just never goes away and its the most frustrating in the world because nobody wants to look at pimply face, just like they pretend to like you or love talking to you, but just the conversations happens unwillingly and sometimes just ends with hi hello and bye. They will think in their mind that I am really disgusting and act as if they are not. But they will say and talk in back of your head and then that makes me super self-conscious, then I just lather on the creams to make it up or just try something to make it look OK thinking no one will see, but eventually those makeup’s wear off in some hours. The pimples are most annoying things in anybody’s life. You just cannot attend any meetings confidently, you just cannot get ready without being self-conscious to any party, functions etc., You just cannot have fun with friends and family completely. There is always a little bit fear and self-consciousness clouding your brain. Its just ridiculous and painful. I hope just somebody in there create a product which by just applying , its just gone forever because I am sure it  will sell like a brand new smartphones which are released by companies like Apple. Yes, it will because there are millions of people out there which are suffering with these problems day in and day out of their lives and its pretty annoying.  I was just going through some of the blog posts and reviews at Garnier’s website about this product Pure Active neem . Not sure how much I should believe them or not sure how much this product would help, but I am wiling to try it out these too and let’s see if this is that God send product which will help clearing my pimples like FOREVER.