Honda Amaze Longest Drive Meetup In Bangalore

I had recently gone to Honda Amaze meet-up organized by Honda India on Oct 18th in Bangalore, with around Honda travel enthusiast customers, along with some bloggers, came together to cheer the Honda Amaze’s Longest Drive campaign. To give you a brief background about this campaign, Honda has come up with an excellent campaign, to drive its new Amaze across the length and breadth of our country, and that’s saying something considering how varied India is, in terms of geography, terrains and other topological features. It is exactly what wanderers fantasize about; having one of the smoothest of cars to drive around across our country.

The event started off the with Honda representatives talking about the Amaze Longest Drive campaign. The overall journey is about 23000 KM which will cover 250 cities and towns across India. The journey kicked off on 15th September from Jodhpur. Mr. Bunny Punia from was the lucky person who experienced this entire journey. A slideshow of all the picturesque destinations covered was displayed on the screen and a surge of envy would grip your body as you discover how amazing our country really is, more so while driving the new Honda Amaze! You would want to get your hands on this amazing piece of technology and wander across the country after the slideshow.
The slideshow also highlighted the fact that Honda Amaze is not just a city car, and the videos evidently displayed how effectively it managed to glide across all the rough terrains that came across its way. You can check out their journey here.

It all boiled down to its technological brilliance which provided a comfortable and hassle free ride irrespective of the surface it was travelling on. Couple that with a mileage which is equal, if not better, than most of its counterpart, Honda Amaze, is truly a car built for masses of this country. The event proceeded with some fun interaction with the host who is famously known as RJ Rapid Rashmi for her non-stop talks rapidly as a sort of entertainment for the guests.

By the time I am publishing this article, I learn that Amaze Enters Guinness Book of World Records for the longest drive in a single country by covering 23828 kms. Read more about that here.

You can follow the Amazing Longest journey details, for more pictures, videos etc., by heading onto

Some pictures from the meetup posted here.

rapid rashmi 20141018_133432 20141018_122122 20141018_122115 20141018_122040 20141018_121823

An effort to Rediscover myself

Recently I caught up with this video linked above from one of my friend’s Facebook timeline which really made me think and thought would write a blog post on the same. We never know when the disaster strikes in our lives just like Shanky in the video. When I revert back my chapters of life in last some years , I am sure I missed lot of things in my life and I think its really the time that I change myself and try to rediscover my world. I have wasted so much time spending on useless things in my life like spending more time on social media, trying to be friends with Virtual folks than real. Disconnected with family in while concentrating more on Work along with social media, blogs, meetups, tweetups etc., and not even spending some quality time with Family and Kid. Not even focusing on my personal health, eating whatever I get, putting on weight, no exercise whatsoever.

Well, that’s the story of many people in IT and other fields I suppose. But there is always a chance to change yourselves. There are some list of things which I would like to rediscover myself and I hope I’ll be successful in that in coming years. They are not some rocket science, but very simple things which might make me happy as well as my family.

  • 1. First and foremost, play a lot with my only Son, spend more time with him. First learn myself and teach good things about life to him.
  • 2. Spend more time with Family, go out regularly with them, have fun every weekends etc.,
  • 3. Re-Join the Gym, start working out on my physique and be fit.
  • 4. I was a hard-core biker once before marriage, use to ride a lot on long distance travels, missing all those action post marriage and Kid. Definitely should start going for long rides, if not very long , at least some short distances like 50-100 kilometer rides outside the city and break the shackles of the city world.
  • 5. Learn new stuff which will help me grow professionally and be a competitive person in my professional life which will directly impact and help in the improvement of life style.

I can keep on going.. But at least these are the top priority ones for me at this point of time. This list will keep on growing as and when I achieve them. Hope with the support of my friends and family I would be able to achieve them ASAP.

Well, Kudos to this video from eBay which made me rethink and motivated me to rediscover my life. You can follow them on their social networks (Facebook and Twitter ) too where they have shared some useful stuff too time to time.

The Start Up Diaries

The Startup Diaries Book Launched

Gagan Jain and Neeti Jain, authors cum entrepreneurs, launched their first book, The Start up Diaries”, a collection of real stories on ordinary entrepreneurs with extraordinary journey, on 25th September 2013 at Oxford Bookstore in Bangalore. The book was unveiled by Phanindra Sama, CEO,, one of the entrepreneurs featured in ‘The Start up Diaries’. The other entrepreneurs present at the event were Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder, One97; Abhinav Sinha, Founder, EKO and Ajit Andhare, Founder Colosceum Media, who are featured in the book as well. The book also features Yo! China and The Loot Store.  Many bloggers were invited to the launch event and it was pretty much interactive with the Authors and Entrepreneurs. It definitely gave some hopes for the budding entrepreneurs who attended the event.  The top people who were on dais were an ordinary people like you and me who has achieved their dreams through the passion and dedication towards their ideas and dreams.  I can’t wait to read the book completely.

The Start Up Diaries

From left  to right: Ajit Andhare, Founder Colosceum Media, Neeti Jain, co-author of the book, Gagan Jain, co-author of the book, Phanindra Sama, CEO of, Abhinav Sinha, Founder of EKO

The Start Up Diaries1

Interactive session with Bloggers

‘The Start up Diaries’ is a collection of the real life experiences of six of the most successful entrepreneurs operating in India.  The journeys of these entrepreneurs have been realistically laid down in the book, where the author-couple believes ’The Start up Diaries’ will influence the thoughts of budding entrepreneurs and aspirants. Each chapter is dedicated to one entrepreneur, capturing every incident of his journey to success, including his motivating, hilarious and thought provoking moments.

Unveiling the book, Phanindra Sama, CEO, said, “’Start up Diaries’ is the story of aspiring entrepreneurs who believed in their dreams and pursued them against all odds to give birth to innovative ventures. The realistic picture it has drawn on the journeys of each entrepreneur can educate and inspire readers. I appreciate the effort put by the Jains for the approach they have taken in conveying the message across in an effort to motivate young talent to believe ‘Entrepreneurship’ can be a great career option.”

It is evident that countries that do not support entrepreneurship have slower growth rates.  India, if it needs to grow at a faster pace should give rise to more entrepreneurs.  A changed-mindset to that of risk-taking should be adopted along with the acquisition of required skill sets in their areas of expertise.

Gagan Jain, Author cum Entrepreneur, commented, “Entrepreneurship is celebrated in India today and the country is slowly emerging as a ‘hub’ for entrepreneurs.   People dream of owning a company and establishing themselves, but many are unaware of the struggle and challenges they could possibly encounter on the journey. ‘The Start up Diaries’  aims to educate readers, revealing the true experiences of six successful start-ups highlighting the hurdles faced and how they overcame them to achieve their dreams.”

Neeti Jain, Co-author, adds, “It was truly an eye-opener for us, when we started to interview the entrepreneurs and listened to their struggles, which otherwise would have been unknown.  We are grateful to them as they took time off their busy schedules to narrate their success stories, challenging times and the solutions they implemented.  We hope ‘Start-up Diaries’ will become a motivation and a ready reference guide for young aspirants.”

The book is available on facebook store, e-commerce sites and at all the leading book stores priced at Rs. 249/-.

Honda Amaze’d


Honda Car India, for the first time organized an event where they called in Car enthusiasts, bloggers from Bangalore to experience their new car on the block ‘Honda Amaze’ on 3rd August 2013. Event was well organized and the Product managers and management team explained the History of Honda Cars briefly and the in-depth details of their latest Honda Amaze to the bloggers and Car enthusiasts in the event via their presentations and some of the Amazing videos.  The event was all about the hanging out with Honda and experience an Amazing drive on Honda Amaze, so without much theoretical session, we are allowed to try out the demo cars which included both Petrol and diesel version.  I am not going into the details of specifications and detailed features of the car, you can check out in details here. But, definitely would love to post some of the pictures which taken during the amazing drive we went.  Check them out below.

1Cars lined up for us for test drive


That’s the one which we test drove


Awesome Eye


The beautiful Stretch between Whitefield and Narasapura


Amaze on Amazing Roads


Beautiful Back


That’s me with Amazing Amaze



That’s my friends Senthil and Nirav who were with me in Amaze




Bloggers and Car Enthusiasts chit-chat at Coffee Day, Narasapura


Panaromic shot of all the bloggers in the picture


Howz that ??


Ample leg space


Dashboard of Amaze




Check out the boot space


Amaze’d Totally

Once we all are returned from the test drive, there was an interaction session between bloggers and the management which was really good and they were patient enough to answer all the questions and doubt which the guys had and also they noted down the suggestions and improvements also which were given by the bloggers.

About the car, I totally enjoyed the drive with couple other guys and the car looks premium and makes heads turn towards it. Comes in 6 Amazing colours, all are good looking compared to one another. The one best thing I liked in the car is the comfort and the leg space inside the cabin. That’s really helpful for the long stretches. Its a perfect car for family as well as for youngsters.

Overall, the event was Amazing as Amazing as Honda Amaze and I look forward to attend more such events. Thanks to Honda Cars India and BloggersMind for inviting me to the event.

Gendercide – The Worstest Evil On The Earth

I happen to watch this below video from Mr. Evan Grae which motivated me to write this blog post.

My blood boils when I hear or read any news about Gendercide. Who on the earth gave rights to a person to kill another human being based on their Gender? What a sick mentality human being who dares to kill an unborn or just born baby?  This is one ridiculous culture which should be eradicated from root.   And I strongly voice against it.

7477021500_9e95135102_zImage source

As per the statistics, there are around 200 million girls are missing from the world due to this deadly thing called ‘Gendercide’. Let’s put a stop to this Menace by educating people , making them understand Women are not liability to the world but they are Precious who contributes/helps more to the world than any man in the world. They are nothing less than any man in the present competitive world and they can help build economy of any country.  Guys, we should basically understand that without women, there will be no men too. Why don’t our people understand this simple psychology ?

Read through some of the articles on web below which gives more details picture of Gendercide with clear statistics etc.,

Gendercide –

The worldwide war on baby girls –

Lets take a oath on not to kill any child in the name of Gendercide and end Gendercide.

End Gendercide Manifesto. Please visit here and Please take a minute to hit the Facebook “share” button on the link below and re-post the manifesto to your personal Facebook wall, as well as your organization’s.

EndGendercideManifestoWatch this short movie called “itsagirl” from Evan Grae here.

On the side note, there are many burning issues too in this world. Kudos to Franklin Templeton Investments who are spreading the word against them and making the world a better place to live. Check out IdeaCaravan from Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012, watch the videos on different big issues out there and also raise your voices against them, support them.

Thanks for reading. Leave your comments/suggestions you may have.